Let others besides industry define AAC criteria

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Mary Ellen Zurko
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"designed to establish accountability in accordance with an industry standard set of criteria"

Is "industry standard" too constraining? What about government standards, and standard standards? Do we really mean to leave them out? I wouldn't, so if we do, I'd like to know why?

I'm throwing this comment in here to, just to be sure I get an answer:

"It is further assumed that Issuer and Subject information included in Augmented Assurance Certificates is valid, and intended to be displayed to users."

What does valid mean in this context? Does it refer to checking the chain (and URL), or something else?

"intended to be displayed to users" is interesting, given our charter. Does this really mean the low bar it implies; strings that are intended for human consumption (but no particular understanding)?
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Added to xit as open issue under Section 5.3.1 Augmented Assurance Certificates

Anil Saldhana, 21 Jan 2008, 21:43:03

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