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Web Security Context Working Group

Current status: The Web Security Context Working Group has sucessfully concluded its chartered work by publishing the Web Security Context: User Interface Guidelines Recommendation. As of 13 August 2010, the Working Group is closed. This home page is not actively maintained. Please direct comments about the specification to public-usable-authentication@w3.org (public archive).


From our charter: The mission of the Web Security Context Working Group is to specify a baseline set of security context information that should be accessible to Web users, and practices for the secure and usable presentation of this information, to enable users to come to a better understanding of the context that they are operating in when making trust decisions on the Web.

The Group is part of the Security Activity, and follows up on the W3C Workshop on Transparency and Usability of Web Authentication.

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12 August 2010
Recommendation issued; group closed
30 March 2010
Planned date for Proposed Recommendation
28 February 2010
Earliest possible transition to Proposed Recommenation


The Working Group has produced three documents:


The group met by phone every second and fourth Wednesday of a month at 11am Eastern Time. Minutes are member-confidential until the group accepts them; generally, that happens at the next meeting. Therefore, some of the links below might lead to member-confidential versions of minutes.

See also: scribe list


Most of the group's work was conducted on its public mailing list. Group participants are automatically subscribed.

Chair: Mary Ellen Zurko
Team Contact and Security Activity Lead: Thomas Roessler
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