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Scribe List / Web Security Context Working Group

The list of names here does not match the group's list of participants; however, it's somewhat close to a list of regular meeting participants. The chair is excused from scribing.

Name Scribed Organization
Serge Egelman 2008-02-06 IE
Stephen Farrell 2008-02-20 IE
Luis Barriga 2008-05-14 Ericsson
Rachna Dhamija 2008-05-28 CommerceNet
Johnathan Nightingale 2008-10-15 Mozilla
Anil Saldhana 2008-10-29 RedHat
Joe Steele 2008-11-05 Adobe
Jan Vidar Krey 2008-11-12 Opera
Phillip Hallam-Baker 2008-12-03 Verisign
Tyler Close 2009-01-07 HP
Ian Fette 2009-01-14 Google
Maritza Johnson 2009-01-21 FSTC
Thomas Roessler 2009-01-28 W3C
Bill Doyle 2009-01-28 MITRE
Yngve Pettersen 2009-03-25 Opera

Current system is that the last scribe is sipmly added at the bottom of the list. We can live with the little bit of unjustice that arises when people scribe early / late.

Thomas Roessler, Team Contact
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