RFID-ed Things on the Web of Data and Services

Steve Bratt, <steve@w3.org>

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RFID-ed Things on the Web of Data and Services

Steve Bratt
Chief Executive Officer
World Wide Web Consortium


RFID Academic Convocation
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Cambridge, MA
23 January 2006


Mission: Leading the Web to its Full Potential

Founded by Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee in 1994, W3C is:

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  • From a Web of Documents ...
  • ... converging toward One Web:
    • of Data and Services
    • on Everything
    • for Everyone
    • ... that is Interoperable, Trustworthy, Evolving with time ...

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The Web Increased the Utility of the Internet

From Web of Documents to Web of Data and Services

Recent and emerging W3C Standards aim to:

Recent and Emerging Standards

Semantic Web

Tim's Semantic Web Stack (2005) Machine-processable, global Web standards:
  • Assigning unambiguous names (URI)
  • Expressing data, including metadata (RDF)
  • Capturing ontologies (OWL)
  • Query, rules, logic, proofs, trust (in progress)

Accessible wherever you want it to be ...
... within and across enterprises ...

... on the Web.

Heart of the Semantic Web

RDF as circles and arrows

Current Web

Old Web - Linking resources

Semantic Web - Enhancement of Current Web

Semantic Web - Undertstandable relationships between undertandable resources


[ellipses = resources; color = one data source; x: = one ontology]

Enterprise Integration Today

Enterprise intergration pre-RDF

Enterprise Integration on the "RDF Bus"

Enterprise intergration using RDF

Clients on the "RDF Bus"

New data applications can be built on top of RDF bus, for example:

Clients on the RDF bus

See Semantic Web interface concepts for other types of data sources (Tim Berners-Lee)

Semantic Web R&D Opportunities 

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Building Community. Engineering Web Standards.

23 Activities/60 Working, Interest and Coordination Groups, supported by the Team

W3C Groups Org chart

Over 90 W3C Standards Provide the Foundation of the Web

W3C technology stack

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W3C Membership

W3C's International Leadership Network

Expanding base of the world's leading technology organizations and technologists

Map of W3C Membership, circles related to number of Members per country (Oct 2005)

W3C Membership by Country, Dec 2005 (click to get history)

Member Profile


* popular saying in Chinese business and government, from China’s Post-WTO Technology Policy: Standards, Software and the Changing Nature of Techno-Nationalism, by Richard P. Suttmeier and Yao Xiangkui.

Value of W3C Membership

Working with W3C

Web of Data and Services


Web Services

Web Services stack (Philippe Le Hgaret)Web Services description stack

Semantic Web: Adapting SQL/RDBMS Databases

Keep your existing systems running, and add RDF interfaces:

RDF integration of relational database management systems


Examples of DBMS interfaces: 1.life sciences, 2.conference information

See Semantic Web interface concepts for other types of data sources (Tim Berners-Lee)

Semantic Web: Applications Connected by Concepts

drawing demonstrating how Sem Web connects applications via concepts

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