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Name of the tool: GraphDB
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Programming language(s) that can be used with the tool: Java, C#
Relevant semantic web technologies: RDF, RDF, RDFS, SPARQL, OWL
Categories: Triple Store, Reasoner, SPARQL Endpoint, RDFS Reasoner, OWL Reasoner
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Company or institution: Ontotext

(Tool description last modified on 2016-10-31.)


GraphDB (former OWLIM) is the most scalable semantic repository. It includes triple store, inference engine and SPARQL query engine. It is packaged as a Storage and Inference Layer (SAIL) for the Sesame RDF database. GraphDB uses the TRREE engine to perform RDFS, OWL DLP, OWL Horst reasoning and OWL 2 RL. The most expressive language supported is OWL 2 RL, Containing RDFS. GraphDB offers configurable reasoning support and performance. It comes in five editions: Standard, Enterprise, Database-as-a-Service on S4, Cloud on AWS and Free.