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String dc:title (DCMI Metadata Terms)

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3Store +3Store  +


4RDF +outdated-4Suite  +
4store +4store  +


ACE +OWL verbalizer in ACE  +
ARC +outdated-ARC RDF Store  +
ASKOSI +ASKOSI - Application Services for Knowledge Organization and Systems Integration  +
ActiveRDF +ActiveRDF  +
Alchemy +Alchemy API  +
Alignment API +Alignment API  +
AllegroGraph +AllegroGraph RDF Store  +
Amalgame +Amalgame (AMsterdam ALignment GenerAtion MEtatool)  +
Any23 +Apache Any23  +
Anzo +Anzo Suite  +
Apache Jena +Jena, a Java RDF API and toolkit  +
Asio +Asio  +


BMEcat2GoodRelations +BMEcat2GoodRelations  +
Babel +babel  +
BaseVISor +BaseVISor  +
Bigdata +Blazegraph (Formerly Bigdata®)  +
Bossam +Bossam  +
Brahms +Brahms  +
BrowseRDF +BrowseRDF  +
BrowserRDF  +


CAM +Content Annotation Manager  +
CARA +outdated-CARA  +
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Facts about "Tool Name"
Imported from
"Imported from" is a predefined property that describes a relation to an imported vocabulary.
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Has type
"Has type" is a predefined property that describes the datatype of a property.
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