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Name of the tool: EasyRdf
Home page: http://www.easyrdf.org/
Date of latest release: 2012-10-31 (verify)
Programming language(s) that can be used with the tool: PHP
Relevant semantic web technologies: RDF
Categories: Programming Environment
See also: http://semanticweb.org/wiki/EasyRdf
Public mailing list: http://groups.google.com/group/easyrdf
Preferred project URI: http://www.easyrdf.org/doap.rdf#easyrdf
DOAP reference: http://www.easyrdf.org/doap.rdf
Company or institution:

(Tool description last modified on 2012-12-24.)


EasyRdf is a library designed to make it easy to consume and produce RDF. It was designed for use in mixed teams of experienced and inexperienced RDF developers. It is written in Object Oriented PHP.

During parsing EasyRdf builds up a graph of PHP objects that can then be walked around to get the data to be placed on the page.

Data is typically loaded into a EasyRdf_Graph object from source RDF documents. The source document could either be an RDF file on the web or the output of a Construct or Describe SPARQL query from a triplestore.