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Blindfold File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
abstract_grammar.c [code]
abstract_grammar.h [code]
Agent.cpp [code]
Agent.h [code]
blindfold.c [code]
blindfold.h [code]
ByteFIFO.cpp [code]
ByteFIFO.h [code]
ByteSink.cpp [code]
ByteSink.h [code]
ByteSource.cpp [code]
ByteSource.h [code]
bytestream-implementation.h [code]
bytestream.h [code]
ByteWriter.cpp [code]
ByteWriter.h [code]
CachingPool.cpp [code]
CachingPool.h [code]
config.h [code]This is the file that all files must include
DeductivePool.cpp [code]
DeductivePool.h [code]
dltree.c [code]
dltree.h [code]
dts.c [code]
dts.h [code]
ebnf.h [code]Interface to our primary yacc-generated parser (which reads EBNF)
EqStr.h [code]
FilePool.cpp [code]
FilePool.h [code]
FlatN3FilePool.cpp [code]
FlatN3FilePool.h [code]
FlowManager.cpp [code]
FlowManager.h [code]
ForeignVariableScope.cpp [code]
ForeignVariableScope.h [code]
generated_parser.h [code]
Generator.cpp [code]
Generator.h [code]
GrammarManager.cpp [code]Interface to our primary yacc-generated parser (which reads EBNF)
GrammarManager.h [code]
hashmap.c [code]
hashmap.h [code]
InMemoryPool.cpp [code]
InMemoryPool.h [code]
iter.h [code]@@ NEED TO RATIONALIZE WITH LoopState.h
iter_demo.c [code]
lex_out_ebnf_scanner.c [code]
LoggingTripleSink.cpp [code]
LoggingTripleSink.h [code]
LoopState.cpp [code]
LoopState.h [code]
main.cpp [code]
ntriples.h [code]
NTriplesGenerator.cpp [code]
NTriplesGenerator.h [code]
NTriplesParser.cpp [code]
NTriplesParser.h [code]
OnDiskPool.cpp [code]
OnDiskPool.h [code]
Parser.cpp [code]
parser.h [code]Interface to our primary yacc-generated parser (which reads EBNF)
Parser.h [code]
parser_common_foot.h [code]
parser_common_head.h [code]
ParseType.cpp [code]
ParseType.h [code]
Pool.cpp [code]
Pool.h [code]
Query.cpp [code]
Query.h [code]
QueryablePool.cpp [code]
QueryablePool.h [code]
RDF_Graph.cpp [code]
RDF_Graph.h [code]
ReferenceCountedObject.cpp [code]
ReferenceCountedObject.h [code]
Rule.cpp [code]
Rule.h [code]
SimpleVariableScope.cpp [code]
SimpleVariableScope.h [code]
SplittingTripleSink.cpp [code]
SplittingTripleSink.h [code]
Symbol.cpp [code]
Symbol.h [code]
SymbolMap.cpp [code]
SymbolMap.h [code]
SymbolTable.cpp [code]
SymbolTable.h [code]
test.h [code]
Trace.cpp [code]
Trace.h [code]
Triple.cpp [code]
Triple.h [code]
TripleAdder.cpp [code]
TripleAdder.h [code]
TripleSink.cpp [code]
TripleSink.h [code]
TripleSinkReifier.cpp [code]
TripleSinkReifier.h [code]
TripleSource.cpp [code]
TripleSource.h [code]
UnitTest.cpp [code]
UnitTest.h [code]
VariableScope.cpp [code]
VariableScope.h [code]
WatchablePool.cpp [code]
WatchablePool.h [code]
XSBAgent.cpp [code]
XSBAgent.h [code]
XSBPool.cpp [code]
XSBPool.h [code]
XSBQuery.cpp [code]
XSBQuery.h [code]
y_tab.c [code]
yacc_out_ebnf.c [code]
yacc_out_ebnf.h [code]
yacc_out_ntriples.cpp [code]
yacc_out_ntriples.h [code]
YaccGeneratedParser.cpp [code]
YaccGeneratedParser.h [code]

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