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Blindfold Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AgentAn Agent is something which can do something interesting with triples
ByteFIFOA ByteFIFO is a simple ByteSink and ByteSource in which the bytes can be read once in the order they were written (First-In First-Out order)
ByteSinkA ByteSink is an abstract base class for thing you can send bytes to
ByteSourceA ByteSource is a (documentation goes here)
ByteWriterA ByteWriter is a (documentation goes here)
CachingPoolA CachingPool is an intermediate Pool providing caching for another (presumably slow) Pool
DeductivePoolA DeductivePool is an inference layer on top of another triple store
FilePoolA FilePool is a (documentation goes here)
FlowManagerThe FlowManager coordinates asynchronous I/O and in-process time-slicing
ForeignVariableScopeA ForeignVariableScope is a VariableScope which wraps another one and makes sure no variable in this getScope() matches a variable in the other getScope()
GeneratorA Generator turns a stream of Triples into a stream of Bytes, using some encoding language
GrammarManagerA GrammarManager is a (documentation goes here)
RDF::GraphA Graph is a (documentation goes here)
hashmap_entryThis is really a variable-size structure
InMemoryPoolAn InMemoryPool is a plain and simple hash-table based triple store
LoggingTripleSinkA LoggingTripleSink is a (documentation goes here)
LoopStateA LoopState is a way for one module to easily provide a sequence of items to another
NTriplesFilePoolA NTriplesFilePool is a rudimentary Pool, keeping its data in a local file in plain old N-Triples format
NTriplesGeneratorA NTriplesGenerator is a (documentation goes here)
NTriplesParserA NTriplesParser is a (documentation goes here)
OnDiskPoolA OnDiskPool is a (documentation goes here)
ParserA Parser is a (documentation goes here)
ParseTypeA ParseType is a (documentation goes here)
PoolA Pool is mutable set of Triples
QueryA Query manages the task of determining whether a particular knowledge base already contains the knowledge in some other knowledge base, possibly in several different ways
QueryablePoolA QueryablePool is a pool which goes beyond TripleSource.fetch to actually do full query matching
ReferenceCountedObjectA ReferenceCountedObject is a (documentation goes here)
RuleA Rule is a (documentation goes here)
SimpleVariableScopeA SimpleVariableScope is an implementation of VariableScope using SymbolTable
SplittingTripleSinkA SplittingTripleSink is a (documentation goes here)
SymbolA Symbol is a name for some arbitrary abstract thing about which knowledge is being exchanged
SymbolMapA SymbolMap is a map from Symbols in one SymbolTable to other Symbols
SymbolTableA SymbolTable keeps a numbered list of records, which each have a unique (type, text)
TraceA Trace is a (documentation goes here)
TripleA Triple is a collection of three Symbols in distinct roles
TripleAdderA TripleAdder is a (documentation goes here)
TripleSinkA TripleSink is a something to which you can add a Triple
TripleSinkReifierA TripleSinkReifier combines multiple sink streams of triples, each identified by a symbol, into one sink stream which describes what's in the other streams using an appropriate vocabulary/ontology
TripleSourceA TripleSource is a something which can provide triples upon request
UnitTestDeprecated! Nice, but shell scripts really are much simpler in general, and allow us to use the same code for examples
VariableScopeA VariableScope is a (documentation goes here)
WatchablePoolA WatchablePool is a (documentation goes here)
XSBAgentA XSBAgent is a (documentation goes here)
XSBPoolAn XSBPool is a Pool with various XSB-enabled tricks
XSBQueryXSBQuery is an implementation of Query for XSBPool::query()

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