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WatchablePool Class Reference

A WatchablePool is a (documentation goes here). More...

#include <WatchablePool.h>

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A WatchablePool is a (documentation goes here).

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WatchablePool.h,v 1.7 2001/10/03 02:12:22 sandro Exp

Definition at line 19 of file WatchablePool.h.

Member Data Documentation

list_type WatchablePool::watchers

A list of watchers, each conforming to the Pool interface.

Change this list as you like. Each time one of the Pool interface calls is made to this object, it will be distributed to each watcher on this list, in order.

Should we allow before-change watchers (catchers) who can abort the change? How about intercepting reads? That all gets us along the spectrum into ProxyPool or something.

Definition at line 56 of file WatchablePool.h.

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