Should we use the mailing list instead?

I want to keep up on the conversations in this group, but find it very difficult to remember to come back to the site and open every thread to see if there are any new comments.

Am I missing some magically way to keep track of the conversations?

Also, I wonder if we would be better off using the mailing list associated with this group (which until recently I didn’t know existed) as a way to keep conversations going and allow people to control the volume of updates they receive (e.g., digest mode).

If no one else is having this problem, I’ll suck it up and get in the habit of checking the site more regularly. Or if I’m missing some way to keep up to date on activity in the group, please let me know.

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  1. Chris Hilditch says:

    Hi Jason,

    I use an RSS reader to keep up to date, on this and a bunch of other RSS feeds. And I prefer this to using emails.

    (Specifically I’m using RockMelt, based on Chrome, so all my RSS feeds (this, a list apart, the Mozilla Dev blog etc) are in the browser, with Twitter. I’d highly recommend it, although I’m sure there are a bunch of other browser plugins to do the same thing).


  2. Jason Grigsby says:

    I use my RSS reader every day. How are you tracking comments on posts though?

  3. Chris Hilditch says:


    I normally just follow the posts on RSS, not the comments.

    For the comments:
    for a particular post, which might be more useful.


  4. Matt Wilcox says:

    This is why discussion forums like this should be on a forum, and not a blog. The clue as to what technology might be appropriate for our use is in the title of what this place is. A forum for discussion.

    But I am not opening THAT can of worms again.

    • Anselm Hannemann says:

      Oh dear, hadn’t we had this discussion recently on mailing-list? Was a never-ending discussion and most W3C ppl were fine with mailing lists.

      I think this shouldn’t be on a mailing list. I just go here to the site. Or you can get RSS feed.
      It would be better to have a forum but yeah… as Matt said, no chance.

  5. Jason Grigsby says:

    The RSS feed will work. Didn’t know the feed for comments existed. Forgot this was wordpress. Probably could have tracked it down based on that.

    • Chris Hilditch says:

      When I first replied I was assuming that the RSS comment links would be on the page, I was surprised to find they weren’t.

      RSS links are sometimes in the head element, have a look on this page – you’ll see a bunch of of them – <link rel="alternate" type="application/rss+xml" ...


  6. Kevin Suttle says:

    Agreed, but I’d like to have the option for email. I too forget to come back here. Anyone else share that preference?

  7. Adrian Roselli says:

    Until I saw a series of emails come flying around a few minutes ago, and thought to come here to look something up, I forgot to check the site regularly. Even with an RSS feed, it gets lost in the other noise I have. At least with email I have a process to read it and address it.

  8. David Goss says:

    Just using the mailing list would probably be more convenient for regular contributors, especially those of us accustomed to whatwg and www-style etc, but as we try to bring this issue to wider attention, I think it’s desirable for visitors to the site to be able to see all the threads as blog posts and comments like they are now, rather than having to delve into mailing list archives.

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