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ID State Title Person Due Date Associated with
ACTION-1 (edit) closed Find out which Members have posted to www-style Elika Etemad 2008-03-18
ACTION-2 (edit) closed Ask everybody if they want to change their W3C-wide profile or remove themselves from the WG because of tracker Bert Bos 2008-03-18
ACTION-3 (edit) closed Write 2n+1 conclusion up and ask designers for feedback Daniel Glazman 2008-03-18
ACTION-4 (edit) closed Update the text module with text-shadow change Elika Etemad 2008-03-25 CSS3 Text
ACTION-5 (edit) closed Review css2.1 issue 8 by 3/25 Arron Eicholz 2008-03-25 CSS2.1
ACTION-6 (edit) closed Get feedback from Opera on issue 8 Elika Etemad 2008-03-25 CSS2.1
ACTION-7 (edit) closed Ask Paul and Rishida about use cases for start/end background positioning Elika Etemad 2008-03-27 CSS3 Backgrounds and Borders
ACTION-8 (edit) closed Answer Bert Bos 2008-03-27 CSS3 Backgrounds and Borders
ACTION-9 (edit) closed Reply to Eric Meyer's background-origin proposal Elika Etemad 2008-04-07 CSS3 Backgrounds and Borders
ACTION-10 (edit) closed Update bg-space.png to tile images to the edge. Bert Bos 2008-03-27 space distribution
ACTION-11 (edit) closed Ask Hyatt, Jason and Molly about the issue in 4.6, how many bg-clips need there be. Bert Bos 2008-03-27 single bg-clip
ACTION-12 (edit) closed Add language regarding advocates to roadmap Elika Etemad 2008-05-30
ACTION-13 (edit) closed Inform Svante to make decided upon edits Bert Bos 2008-04-03 CSS Mobile Profile 1.0 & 2.0
ACTION-15 (edit) closed Update media queries - syntax, grammar, changes to parsing rules of HTML 4, grid feature Anne van Kesteren 2008-04-03 Media Queries
ACTION-16 (edit) closed Write block-align centering proposal Elika Etemad 2008-05-01
ACTION-17 (edit) closed Write child-block-align centering proposal Elika Etemad 2008-05-01
ACTION-18 (edit) closed Write up the four value proposal for vertical alignment for the block-align property. Alex Mogilevsky 2008-04-30 block-vertical-align
ACTION-19 (edit) closed And Anne to review test case for page break inside and report back with a recommendation to the group about how to move on Elika Etemad 2008-04-03
ACTION-20 (edit) closed Make changes to spec for Selectors to allow spaces as per David/Elika's proposal. Daniel Glazman 2008-04-04 Selectors Level 3
ACTION-21 (edit) closed Make change to CSS 2.1 as per Elika's proposal. Bert Bos 2008-04-04 CSS2.1
ACTION-22 (edit) closed Come up with more tests. for @-block error handling scenarios Arron Eicholz 2008-04-16 CSS2.1
ACTION-23 (edit) closed Report to HTML WG that def of style attr in HTML5 is incompatible with def in HTML4 and probably problematic from point of view of CSS parsing rules. Daniel Glazman 2008-04-04
ACTION-25 (edit) closed Write empty attr selector testcases for CSS3, investigate :not() Elika Etemad 2008-05-23
ACTION-26 (edit) closed Post page-break-inside examples to www-style Elika Etemad 2008-04-04
ACTION-30 (edit) closed Propose a response to the XHTML2 WG comment on namespaces based on the e-mail log on this issue Bert Bos 2008-04-04 CSS Namespaces
ACTION-31 (edit) closed Update contribution guidelines to require agreement to BSD 3-clause Elika Etemad 2008-04-10
ACTION-32 (edit) closed Update scripts to generate BSD and non-BSD copies of test suite Elika Etemad 2008-04-12
ACTION-33 (edit) closed Update test suite documentation to reflect licensing Elika Etemad 2008-04-10
ACTION-35 (edit) closed Contact Andrew regarding joining group Daniel Glazman 2008-04-04
ACTION-36 (edit) closed Report back to Andrew re: tree proposal Daniel Glazman 2008-04-04
ACTION-37 (edit) closed Update proposal [dual-mode elements] Bert Bos 2008-04-04
ACTION-38 (edit) closed Post straw man proposal of constants and ask web designers "does this solve your use case, and if not, why not?" Daniel Glazman 2008-04-04
ACTION-39 (edit) closed Post Daniel's post to Elika Etemad 2008-04-16
ACTION-40 (edit) closed Write up Template Layout comments Elika Etemad 2008-04-04 CSS3 Template Layout
ACTION-41 (edit) closed Add names of "advocates" to each of the modules on the roadmap, see ftf minutes for the list. Bert Bos 2008-04-08
ACTION-42 (edit) closed box-sizing note does not mention HTML tables using border-box Arron Eicholz 2008-04-15 CSS3 Basic UI
ACTION-43 (edit) closed box-sizing note mentions images as being border-box should probably be content-box Arron Eicholz 2008-04-15 CSS3 Basic UI
ACTION-44 (edit) closed Write updated wording for CR drafts exit criteria Peter Linss 2008-04-19
ACTION-46 (edit) closed Collect information on modules for next charter: advocate? , # implementors no/some/strong interest. Prepare anonymized report and post to www-style for feedback. Daniel Glazman 2008-04-09
ACTION-47 (edit) closed Fix wording of Anne van Kesteren 2008-04-16
ACTION-48 (edit) closed Look at Bert Bos 2008-04-16 page-break-inside
ACTION-49 (edit) closed Request /TR/CSS to point to /TR/CSS21 Bert Bos 2008-04-15 CSS2.1
ACTION-50 (edit) closed Republish REC-CSS2 and REC-CSS1 with text proposed in Elika's message added to the top (above, not in, the status section) (And don't forget to add <strong>!) Bert Bos 2008-04-15 CSS2.1
ACTION-51 (edit) closed Republish CSS2.1 with additional Previous Version link to REC-CSS2 Bert Bos 2008-04-15 CSS2.1
ACTION-52 (edit) closed Request /TR/CSS2 to point to /TR/CSS21 Bert Bos 2008-05-15 CSS2.1
ACTION-53 (edit) closed Edits [to Box module] as in Minutes F2F Monday 2007-11-05 [i.e., intrinsic size keywords] Bert Bos 2008-04-15
ACTION-54 (edit) closed Make CSS2.1 edits for ISSUE-1 Bert Bos 2008-04-16 ISSUE-1
ACTION-55 (edit) closed Review Backgrounds and Borders issues with Bert Elika Etemad 2008-04-30 CSS3 Backgrounds and Borders
ACTION-56 (edit) closed Edit ISSUE-33 Bert Bos 2008-04-23 ISSUE-33
ACTION-57 (edit) closed Write disclaimer for public IRC logs Peter Linss 2008-04-23
ACTION-58 (edit) closed Add caretRangeFromPoint to CSSOM and prepare for publication Anne van Kesteren 2008-05-30 CSSOM View
ACTION-59 (edit) closed Move selectors spec to Elika Etemad 2008-04-30 Selectors Level 3
ACTION-60 (edit) closed Write final wording for www-style description, get Bert to post Elika Etemad 2008-05-14
ACTION-61 (edit) closed Contact Chris about CSS3 WEb Fonts spec Peter Linss 2008-05-14
ACTION-62 (edit) closed Edit spec for pagination-related issues above Elika Etemad 2008-05-19
ACTION-63 (edit) closed Make algorithm 3 for ISSUE-29 normative. Bert Bos 2008-05-19
ACTION-64 (edit) closed Ask audience what they'd expect border-radius: 50% to mean Elika Etemad 2008-05-19
ACTION-65 (edit) closed Ask Eric Meyer what he thinks about renaming 'bg-origin' to 'bg-box' Bert Bos 2008-05-19 ISSUE-46
ACTION-66 (edit) closed Write up 2008-05-12 backgrounds and borders discussion Elika Etemad 2008-05-19
ACTION-67 (edit) closed Convert vertical alignment property action item to an issue Alex Mogilevsky 2008-06-18 block-vertical-align
ACTION-68 (edit) closed Put the text from ACTION-57 on and link to it from the #css topic Elika Etemad 2008-06-18
ACTION-70 (edit) closed Make table template Elika Etemad 2008-07-02
ACTION-74 (edit) closed Talk with HCG about publishing css3-color Peter Linss 2008-07-09
ACTION-75 (edit) closed Add <br> to Cambridge F2F agenda Peter Linss 2008-07-09
ACTION-76 (edit) closed Update wiki page with advocates from March F2F list Peter Linss 2008-07-09
ACTION-77 (edit) closed File an issue about this Elika Etemad 2008-07-16
ACTION-80 (edit) closed Prepare implementation report template for CSS3 Color David Baron 2008-07-23 CSS3 Color
ACTION-82 (edit) closed Add Note about vertical text terminology to F2F agenda Elika Etemad 2008-07-30
ACTION-83 (edit) closed Come up with wording for lang issue Elika Etemad 2008-07-30
ACTION-84 (edit) closed Propose exact wording, be less confusing than last time Elika Etemad 2008-08-13
ACTION-85 (edit) closed Combine dbaron's edits into proposal Elika Etemad 2008-08-13
ACTION-86 (edit) closed Clarify that space and round use the bg-clip rectangle Elika Etemad 2008-08-18
ACTION-88 (edit) closed Review wording on CSS2.1 Issue 56 Elika Etemad 2008-08-20
ACTION-89 (edit) closed Get a testcase for css2.1 issue 53 Elika Etemad 2008-08-20
ACTION-90 (edit) closed Ping antennahouse about 'pages' implementation Håkon Wium Lie 2008-08-20
ACTION-92 (edit) closed Draft a note Elika Etemad 2008-08-27
ACTION-93 (edit) closed Consult Jason, Molly, other web designers, about what is expected behavior for bolder + lighter, bolder+bolder+lighter Peter Linss 2008-08-27
ACTION-94 (edit) closed Set up redirects Elika Etemad 2008-08-28
ACTION-96 (edit) closed Make that split and inform Bert Elika Etemad 2008-08-28
ACTION-99 (edit) closed Draw up parse-time constants counter-proposal Elika Etemad 2008-08-29
ACTION-102 (edit) closed Evaluate LC comments for css3-color due two weeks David Baron 2008-09-16 CSS3 Color
ACTION-105 (edit) closed Propose new syntax for 'background' shorthand. Bert Bos 2008-09-24 ISSUE-63
ACTION-106 (edit) closed Review text properties in svg draft Elika Etemad 2008-09-24
ACTION-114 (edit) closed Propose a solution for allowing counter-properties on @page that doesn't require going through all the pages at the beginning to figure out what to reset on the root Elika Etemad 2008-10-28
ACTION-115 (edit) closed Write double-cascade proposal for ::selection Elika Etemad 2008-10-28
ACTION-116 (edit) closed Write rewording proposal for section CSS3 Selectors 6.6.4 Elika Etemad 2008-11-12
ACTION-117 (edit) closed Propose min/max-height text for 10.7 Alex Mogilevsky 2008-11-19 CSS2.1
ACTION-125 (edit) closed Add this example to the spec Elika Etemad 2009-03-11
ACTION-126 (edit) closed Send message to www-style to explain rationale for && and see if somebody can come up with something better Elika Etemad 2009-03-12
ACTION-128 (edit) closed Email www-style on whether web designers want fallback color Elika Etemad 2009-03-12
ACTION-130 (edit) closed Publish namespaces CR and Selectors LC Elika Etemad 2009-03-13
ACTION-132 (edit) closed Test how interoperable we are on for both floats and text-align David Baron 2009-03-13 CSS2.1
ACTION-134 (edit) closed Update Selectors with BCP47 Elika Etemad 2009-03-13
ACTION-135 (edit) closed Propose text for how box-shadow should work with border-image Chris Lilley 2009-03-13
ACTION-141 (edit) closed Work with hakon on spec text to define the column-break properties and interaction with page bbreak properties Elika Etemad 2009-05-06
ACTION-146 (edit) closed Change "CSS px units" to "vector coordinates" Elika Etemad 2009-06-03
ACTION-147 (edit) closed Run the six new selectors tests on opera Chris Lilley 2009-06-10
ACTION-149 (edit) closed Edit "style attribute syntax" to constrain to current syntax Elika Etemad 2009-09-15
ACTION-151 (edit) closed Review GCPM CMYK (section 16) and suggest changes/improvements Chris Lilley 2009-06-11
ACTION-159 (edit) closed Add example showing what happens with background-color and image(.. or blue) Elika Etemad 2009-07-01
ACTION-160 (edit) closed Add intro to sprites section Elika Etemad 2009-07-01
ACTION-165 (edit) closed Revise the border-image-and-box-shadow proposal to make a border-shadow proposal, them make public Chris Lilley 2009-07-29
ACTION-166 (edit) closed Write up border-shadow proposal Chris Lilley 2009-07-29
ACTION-167 (edit) closed Draft a proposed combindation of the properties Elika Etemad 2009-08-05
ACTION-170 (edit) closed Add a clarifying note to the selector to say multiple occurances are allowed and increase specificity Elika Etemad 2009-08-05
ACTION-175 (edit) closed Draw up proposal for box-shadow modified by ideas posted here Elika Etemad 2009-09-09
ACTION-176 (edit) closed Respond to Toby Elika Etemad 2009-09-09
ACTION-178 (edit) closed Discuss with SVG Elika Etemad 2009-09-30
ACTION-179 (edit) closed Add SVG equivalents to gradients proposal. Tab Atkins Jr. 2009-10-07
ACTION-180 (edit) closed Mark this as an issue Elika Etemad 2009-10-14
ACTION-181 (edit) closed Respond to Janina Elika Etemad 2009-10-28
ACTION-182 (edit) closed Remove Chapter 11 Elika Etemad 2009-10-28
ACTION-183 (edit) closed Drop :indeterminate from tests Elika Etemad 2009-10-28
ACTION-192 (edit) closed Remove note from grid wrt table interaction sect 4.something Alex Mogilevsky 2009-11-10
ACTION-193 (edit) closed Add this stuff as notes in css3-text Elika Etemad 2009-11-10
ACTION-194 (edit) closed Check with HTML WG that untagged video can be treated as sRGB, or provide counter examples if not. David Singer 2009-11-10
ACTION-195 (edit) closed Create a template fr CSS 2.1 test suite reports Arron Eicholz 2009-11-10
ACTION-196 (edit) closed Send gradients feedback to www-style Simon Fraser 2010-02-28
ACTION-199 (edit) closed Make Disposition of Comments for Snapshot (even if it's empty) Elika Etemad 2009-12-09
ACTION-202 (edit) closed Write up pt px thread Tab Atkins Jr. 2010-01-20
ACTION-203 (edit) closed Write up a proposal for handling dbaron's rules Simon Fraser 2010-01-20
ACTION-206 (edit) closed Post proposal for 3 to www-style Elika Etemad 2010-02-10
ACTION-210 (edit) closed Write proposal for IE-Opera behavior for issue 26 David Baron 2010-04-05 CSS2.1
ACTION-211 (edit) closed Find tests for media queries and check into test repository Chris Lilley 2010-04-05
ACTION-216 (edit) closed Discuss font-family syntax with SVGWG Chris Lilley 2010-04-06
ACTION-217 (edit) closed Move issue to css3-lists Elika Etemad 2010-04-06
ACTION-218 (edit) closed Rewrite proposal for Issue 161 Tab Atkins Jr. 2010-04-06
ACTION-221 (edit) closed Rewrite the paragraph in CSS color concerning gamuts and clipping Chris Lilley 2010-04-07
ACTION-222 (edit) closed Put border-clip into css4-backgrounds Elika Etemad 2010-04-07
ACTION-224 (edit) closed , steve: write up a proposal for the start/end stuff. Elika Etemad 2010-04-21
ACTION-225 (edit) closed Write a proposal Tab Atkins Jr. 2010-04-28
ACTION-226 (edit) closed And glazou Write a proposal David Baron 2010-05-05 Media Queries
ACTION-227 (edit) closed Ping anne about the MQ stuff re: empty media and ignore medias. Tab Atkins Jr. 2010-05-12
ACTION-231 (edit) closed Write proposed text Elika Etemad 2010-05-26
ACTION-232 (edit) closed Write proposal for issue 138 Tab Atkins Jr. 2010-06-02
ACTION-234 (edit) closed Propose text for resolving issue 122. Tab Atkins Jr. 2010-06-02
ACTION-235 (edit) closed Write text for 153. Elika Etemad 2010-06-02
ACTION-237 (edit) closed Suggest text to resolve issue 158. Tab Atkins Jr. 2010-06-02
ACTION-238 (edit) closed Propose text to resolve 114. Elika Etemad 2010-06-02
ACTION-241 (edit) closed Produce a proposal for issue 153. David Baron 2010-06-30 CSS2.1
ACTION-243 (edit) closed Write some tests for issue 170, to see which option seems closest to impls. Tab Atkins Jr. 2010-06-30
ACTION-244 (edit) closed Propose wording for issue 172. Elika Etemad 2010-06-30
ACTION-246 (edit) closed Write proposal to deal with abspos in table box generation according to bz's proposal Elika Etemad 2010-07-28
ACTION-248 (edit) closed Send a proposal by next wednesday. Elika Etemad 2010-08-30
ACTION-251 (edit) closed Propose note for issue 191 making marker box stacking level undefined. Elika Etemad 2010-08-30
ACTION-252 (edit) closed Write up a proposal for issue 195. Elika Etemad 2010-08-30
ACTION-254 (edit) closed And Bert, clarify spec for CSS2.1 197 Elika Etemad 2010-08-30
ACTION-255 (edit) closed Propose text for CSS2.1 Issue 199 Tab Atkins Jr. 2010-08-30
ACTION-256 (edit) closed Make said wiki page Elika Etemad 2010-08-30
ACTION-258 (edit) closed Tell SVG about planned work on pointer-events in CSS WG. Chris Lilley 2010-08-31
ACTION-259 (edit) closed Send response to SVG comments about exponential notation. Elika Etemad 2010-08-31
ACTION-260 (edit) closed Talk to coworker about proposed clearance changes. Arron Eicholz 2010-08-31
ACTION-262 (edit) closed Add this as an issue to the spec. John Daggett 2010-09-01
ACTION-265 (edit) closed Make a list of at-risk features, and list of features that should be dropped for rapid movement to CR David Baron 2010-09-01 CSS2.1
ACTION-266 (edit) closed Post updated proposal to the list. Tab Atkins Jr. 2010-09-22
ACTION-270 (edit) closed Write example to clarify adjoining margins Elika Etemad 2010-11-03
ACTION-273 (edit) closed Write requirements document on gradients and how they work in HTML as related to SVG Tab Atkins Jr. 2010-11-11
ACTION-275 (edit) closed Ping jdaggett about Writing Modes to make sure it all looks okay. David Baron 2010-11-17 CSS3 Writing Modes
ACTION-280 (edit) closed Publish RC4 asap, push remaining fixes to RC5 Elika Etemad 2010-12-15
ACTION-281 (edit) closed Propose wording Elika Etemad 2010-12-15
ACTION-283 (edit) closed Edit draft: fix grammar for ISSUE-150 (+ find similar issues) Daniel Weck 2010-12-30 CSS3 Speech
ACTION-284 (edit) closed Write proposal to handle position of float inside relpos'd inline David Baron 2010-12-29 CSS2.1
ACTION-286 (edit) closed Update CSS3 references to corresponding CSS2.1 (for anything other than the Values and Units Module) Daniel Weck 2011-01-12 CSS3 Speech
ACTION-287 (edit) closed Proposal to add "text-decoration-skip: decoration-boundary" Elika Etemad 2011-01-20 CSS3 Text
ACTION-288 (edit) closed text-justify:distribute behavior Elika Etemad 2011-01-20 CSS3 Text
ACTION-289 (edit) closed text-orientation property is described as "non-native only" but also affects native Elika Etemad 2011-01-20 CSS3 Writing Modes
ACTION-290 (edit) closed Underline should not go through the body of ideographs Elika Etemad 2011-01-20 CSS3 Text
ACTION-292 (edit) closed Review and update the CSS21 open issues list Elika Etemad 2011-02-09
ACTION-296 (edit) closed Run prince on blocking tests with no prince result Chris Lilley 2011-02-16 CSS2.1
ACTION-298 (edit) closed Report back to the group on the progress of this issue. Tab Atkins Jr. 2011-02-23
ACTION-311 (edit) closed Propose a solution for block-in-inline-relpos-002 Arron Eicholz 2011-03-15
ACTION-314 (edit) closed 'speakability' not an ideal property name ? Daniel Weck 2011-04-12 CSS3 Speech
ACTION-316 (edit) closed Publish CSS3 Speech as WD Bert Bos 2011-04-13
ACTION-320 (edit) closed Start mailing list discussion on trimming css3-images Elika Etemad 2011-05-11
ACTION-321 (edit) closed Edit the spec per above and check with smontagu Elika Etemad 2011-06-09
ACTION-323 (edit) closed "even if hyphenation is turned off or otherwise restricted" Elika Etemad 2011-06-10
ACTION-324 (edit) closed Add CSS to the hanging-punctuation example Elika Etemad 2011-06-10
ACTION-330 (edit) closed Regions spec. editors to specify a model for breaking flow content Vincent Hardy 2011-06-22
ACTION-331 (edit) closed Do the above Elika Etemad 2011-06-29
ACTION-333 (edit) closed Make change list for css3-images similar to CSS3 Text etc. Tab Atkins Jr. 2011-06-29
ACTION-334 (edit) closed Post message to mailing list about neutral punctuation resolution Elika Etemad 2011-06-29
ACTION-336 (edit) closed Post summary of proposal to www-style Elika Etemad 2011-07-06
ACTION-337 (edit) closed Update css3-color errata to handle issues 1, 2 in Chris Lilley 2011-07-13
ACTION-342 (edit) closed "display-inside" Specify use case that will go as an issue in CSS3-box Tab Atkins Jr. 2011-07-31
ACTION-343 (edit) closed Provide use cases illustrating value of abs case in context of ISSUE 10 Tab Atkins Jr. 2011-07-31
ACTION-344 (edit) closed Check on the invitation of Anton to WG Daniel Glazman 2011-07-31
ACTION-348 (edit) closed Send MQ test suite bugs to mailing list Arron Eicholz 2011-08-01 Media Queries
ACTION-351 (edit) closed Rework the issue of resolved sizes for regions and come up with an alt solution for the group along with use cases and examples Vincent Hardy 2011-08-01
ACTION-352 (edit) closed for this version we are limiting regions to be block containers; will add a note that this may be expanded in future levels Vincent Hardy 2011-08-01
ACTION-354 (edit) closed Come up with a proposal for breaks either a page-break or a general type of break or both and related use cases Vincent Hardy 2011-08-01
ACTION-355 (edit) closed Look at seamless iframes and reconcile it with what we have in the spec. We should add the security consideration into iframe paragraph. Alex Mogilevsky 2011-08-01
ACTION-356 (edit) closed Make the default value for wrap-mode be auto. Vincent Hardy 2011-08-01
ACTION-360 (edit) closed Write up a comment on seamless Tab Atkins Jr. 2011-08-10
ACTION-363 (edit) closed Post wording proposals John Daggett 2011-09-14
ACTION-365 (edit) closed Investigate WebKit's precise behavior around consecutive colspans, to see if they match Elika's "they're just wrapped in an anonymous BFC" proposal is accurate. Tab Atkins Jr. 2011-09-28
ACTION-370 (edit) closed Email Brad (on public ML) asking Brad to respond within 2 weeks Chris Lilley 2011-10-12
ACTION-373 (edit) closed Send an email to people who requested observer status Daniel Glazman 2011-11-02
ACTION-374 (edit) closed Move template layout to Bert Bos 2011-11-06
ACTION-375 (edit) closed Bring a proposal for interaction between multicol and region Vincent Hardy 2011-11-06
ACTION-376 (edit) closed need new proposal about the behavior of iframe or a different way to create named flow from url Alex Mogilevsky 2011-11-06 CSS3 Regions
ACTION-377 (edit) closed Make a use case appendix Vincent Hardy 2011-11-06 CSS3 Regions
ACTION-388 (edit) closed Write proposed example text for CORS Tab Atkins Jr. 2011-11-07
ACTION-389 (edit) closed Write up description of how animations of properties only in some keyframes work Simon Fraser 2011-11-07
ACTION-397 (edit) closed Make post with the options, just two options. Elika Etemad 2011-11-08
ACTION-398 (edit) closed Update current work page with more granularity by stability rather than priority. Elika Etemad 2011-11-08
ACTION-399 (edit) closed Add warning (with link) about seizures to Transitions and Animations specs David Baron 2011-11-08
ACTION-402 (edit) closed Ask Ming about the CSS Print Profile. Elika Etemad 2011-11-23
ACTION-403 (edit) closed Ping jdaggett to send a status update on Fonts to the list Elika Etemad 2011-11-23
ACTION-405 (edit) closed And Kimberly to write a blog post about multicol spanning margins. Elika Etemad 2011-11-23
ACTION-407 (edit) closed Provide recommended hotels for Bucharest meeting ASAP Vincent Hardy 2011-12-14
ACTION-408 (edit) closed Make wiki page for Bucharest with location of meeting, etc. Vincent Hardy 2011-12-14
ACTION-411 (edit) closed Update the current-work page Elika Etemad 2011-12-14
ACTION-413 (edit) closed And Tab to look at functional notation extensibility in general Elika Etemad 2011-12-21
ACTION-415 (edit) closed Propose the prose he wants to see in Exclusions David Baron 2011-12-21
ACTION-422 (edit) closed Draft a page template proposal for the May f2f Vincent Hardy 2012-02-14
ACTION-424 (edit) closed Make a generic use-case page linking to proposed markup solutions Alan Stearns 2012-02-14 CSS3 Regions
ACTION-425 (edit) closed Make item 4 a multicolumn overflow Alan Stearns 2012-02-14
ACTION-426 (edit) closed Move the issue to css3-break and remove the text from Regions Vincent Hardy 2012-02-14
ACTION-428 (edit) closed Mark the nested selector spec. as a proposal. Tab Atkins Jr. 2012-02-14
ACTION-430 (edit) closed Publish a new snapshot of the MQ test suite. Elika Etemad 2012-02-14
ACTION-432 (edit) closed Provide an implementation report for the MQ test suite. Florian Rivoal 2012-02-28 Media Queries
ACTION-435 (edit) closed Record these two issues and the conclusion, point to these minutes, write a next-action to propose text. Anton Prowse 2012-02-14 CSS2.1
ACTION-437 (edit) closed Check with Opera that it is ok not to treat the root element as a BFC Florian Rivoal 2012-02-15 CSS2.1
ACTION-439 (edit) closed File an issue on MQ4 about adding the other resolution (for monochrome printing) Florian Rivoal 2012-02-15
ACTION-440 (edit) closed Add issue about handling visible content as a shape for Exclusions. Vincent Hardy 2012-02-15
ACTION-441 (edit) closed Add a note to Exclusions that animated images use the first frame (in SVG, render the image without animations). Vincent Hardy 2012-02-15
ACTION-447 (edit) closed Ensure variables is published as FPWD Tab Atkins Jr. 2012-02-29
ACTION-448 (edit) closed Publish css3-transforms Chris Lilley 2012-02-29
ACTION-451 (edit) closed Ask opera how/whether to make intersecting elements normative Florian Rivoal 2012-02-29
ACTION-456 (edit) closed And Bert, finish edits and update DoC Elika Etemad 2012-04-11
ACTION-457 (edit) closed Respond to Lea's email on the mailing list. Florian Rivoal 2012-04-11 Media Queries
ACTION-458 (edit) closed Fix flex-basis percentage line in propdef table Tab Atkins Jr. 2012-05-17
ACTION-460 (edit) closed Run multicol tests in Chrome Tab Atkins Jr. 2012-05-17
ACTION-467 (edit) closed Work with Alan to work on overflow repeat nd consider how int intercts with slot pseduo elt. Florian Rivoal 2012-05-18
ACTION-468 (edit) closed Add 2 issues to more clearly define issue 1 Alan Stearns 2012-05-18
ACTION-471 (edit) closed Discuss with stevez about how line layout and line snapping should work in flexbox Tab Atkins Jr. 2012-05-18
ACTION-476 (edit) closed Summarize discussion Elika Etemad 2012-06-27
ACTION-478 (edit) closed Ask Opera Florian Rivoal 2012-06-27
ACTION-479 (edit) closed Check Gecko wrt bg-attach and transforms David Baron 2012-06-27
ACTION-481 (edit) closed Write a proposal about fixed background and transforms Simon Fraser 2012-07-04
ACTION-482 (edit) closed Review appendix E and table cells, in relation to flexbox David Baron 2012-07-11
ACTION-485 (edit) closed Make that edit Florian Rivoal 2012-07-25 CSS Device Adaptation
ACTION-487 (edit) closed Publish Compositing FPWD Bert Bos 2012-08-08
ACTION-488 (edit) closed Send Flexbox CR transition request Bert Bos 2012-08-08
ACTION-490 (edit) closed Email www-style about the possiblities Elika Etemad 2012-08-20
ACTION-493 (edit) closed And jdaggett to discuss case-sensitivity at the break Elika Etemad 2012-08-20
ACTION-501 (edit) closed Draft note Florian proposes and send it to pcupp Peter Linss 2012-08-21
ACTION-505 (edit) closed Mark this as an issue Dirk Schulze 2012-08-22
ACTION-513 (edit) closed Propose handling for making progress in fragmentation Alan Stearns 2012-11-04
ACTION-514 (edit) closed Add inset-rectangle(top, right, bottom, left) to the Shapes spec. (or just inset()). Alan Stearns 2012-11-05
ACTION-521 (edit) closed Organise brainstorming call about grid Rossen Atanassov 2012-11-06
ACTION-524 (edit) closed Provide test case Dirk Schulze 2012-12-05
ACTION-530 (edit) closed Ask Håkon to edit this resolution for column rule painting order Rossen Atanassov 2013-02-11 ISSUE-300
ACTION-531 (edit) closed Publish editor's draft of CSS2.1 Bert Bos 2013-02-12
ACTION-535 (edit) closed Assign actions David Baron 2013-02-12
ACTION-536 (edit) closed Meet with smfr and dino to come up with a proposed model for transitions/animations cascading and interaction David Baron 2013-02-12 CSS Transitions
ACTION-545 (edit) closed Update CSSOM to throw SyntaxError on insertRule with above weirdness as argument Simon Pieters 2013-02-27
ACTION-546 (edit) closed Start process for CR for css3-conditional Bert Bos 2013-02-27
ACTION-547 (edit) closed Update drop-down widget image to use 语言 Elika Etemad 2013-03-07 CSS3 Writing Modes
ACTION-550 (edit) closed Ask about @host grammar: ruleset vs. declarations Simon Sapin 2013-03-27
ACTION-559 (edit) closed And fantasai: create concrete proposal for subgrids (resolve issues one way or another and come up with algorithm for size/positioning thme) Tab Atkins Jr. 2013-05-02
ACTION-565 (edit) closed Submit tests etc. for nav-{up, down, left, right} Leif Arne Storset 2013-07-19 CSS3 Basic UI
ACTION-566 (edit) closed Send relevant prose to plh Florian Rivoal 2013-06-26
ACTION-567 (edit) closed Propose text for elementsFromPoint Alan Stearns 2013-06-26 CSSOM View
ACTION-569 (edit) closed Have /TR/css-variables/ alias to /TR/css-variables-1/ Philippe Le Hégaret 2013-07-31
ACTION-579 (edit) closed Get text about sticky into position spec. Rossen Atanassov 2013-09-19
ACTION-595 (edit) closed Update the list of deliverables in the charter Bert Bos 2013-11-19
ACTION-605 (edit) closed Prepare disposition of comments, complete syntax edits for tomorrow Simon Sapin 2014-02-03
ACTION-606 (edit) closed Cut down changes section to just the changes from css2.1rec2011 Bert Bos 2014-02-03
ACTION-614 (edit) closed Create cascading l4 draft via copy-pasted of css3-cascade and region styling chapter Tab Atkins Jr. 2014-02-05
ACTION-616 (edit) closed Action rik to provide more css examples in the compositing spec. Dirk Schulze 2014-02-05
ACTION-617 (edit) closed Change the abstract link to svg 1.1 in compositing. Dirk Schulze 2014-02-05
ACTION-618 (edit) closed Action rik to reduce the doc to only the issues from this lc. Dirk Schulze 2014-02-05
ACTION-619 (edit) closed Update namedspaces and figure out what we need to put it on to tr Elika Etemad 2014-02-26
ACTION-620 (edit) closed Take this resolution to svg Dirk Schulze 2014-03-12
ACTION-621 (edit) closed Update namespaces spec Bert Bos 2014-03-19
ACTION-623 (edit) closed Add will-change to charter Philippe Le Hégaret 2014-04-09
ACTION-633 (edit) closed Ping bert or clilly about budgeting for the sept f2f Philippe Le Hégaret 2014-07-02
ACTION-636 (edit) closed Write up proposal for www-style Tab Atkins Jr. 2014-09-16
ACTION-640 (edit) closed Turn css tv profile 1.0 into a note. Bert Bos 2014-09-17
ACTION-641 (edit) closed Turn css presentation levels into a note Bert Bos 2014-09-17
ACTION-642 (edit) closed Turn css reader media type into a rescinded note, remove all contents other than status. Bert Bos 2014-09-17
ACTION-643 (edit) closed Turn css hyperlinks into a rescinded note, remove all contents other than status. Bert Bos 2014-09-17
ACTION-645 (edit) closed Sort out tr listing of css3-grid, which was superseded by css-grid-layout Bert Bos 2014-09-17
ACTION-646 (edit) closed Becss republished as gutted note Bert Bos 2014-09-17
ACTION-647 (edit) closed Css marquee republished as gutted note Bert Bos 2014-09-17 CSS3 Marquee
ACTION-648 (edit) closed Republish mobile profile as (regular) note Bert Bos 2014-09-17 CSS Mobile Profile 1.0 & 2.0
ACTION-650 (edit) closed Deal with fullscreen Theresa O'Connor 2014-09-17
ACTION-653 (edit) closed Research changing the overwriting of an important style Rossen Atanassov 2014-10-01
ACTION-654 (edit) closed research changing the overwriting of an important style Rossen Atanassov 2014-10-01
ACTION-655 (edit) closed Reply to boris' e-mail Simon Pieters 2014-10-08
ACTION-656 (edit) closed Find steven pemberton and ask him about impl Bert Bos 2014-11-03 CSS3 Basic UI
ACTION-660 (edit) closed Spec their float layout for intrinisic sizes David Baron 2014-11-03
ACTION-662 (edit) closed Ping the whatwg on the above resolution Florian Rivoal 2014-12-03 CSS3 Basic UI
ACTION-667 (edit) closed Edit css 2.1 @charset tests to make them compliant with css3 syntax Simon Pieters 2015-02-15
ACTION-676 (edit) closed See about .cur and .ico Rossen Atanassov 2015-03-25
ACTION-690 (edit) closed Add a note to user-select:none about it's use in template-based editting. Florian Rivoal 2015-05-27
ACTION-691 (edit) closed Come up with a resolution for user-select:none being included or not when selecting across. Florian Rivoal 2015-05-27
ACTION-694 (edit) closed Email krit about resolution item 1 Daniel Glazman 2015-06-24
ACTION-696 (edit) closed Ping tantek for reason the ua may treat unsupported values as auto. Florian Rivoal 2015-06-24
ACTION-697 (edit) closed Handle publication for css ui 3 Florian Rivoal 2015-07-01
ACTION-701 (edit) closed Write a summary e-mail about the discussion on overflow:clip to move the conversation forward Florian Rivoal 2015-07-15
ACTION-706 (edit) closed Fix value line of polar-angle propdef Hyojin Song 2015-09-02 CSS Round Display
ACTION-707 (edit) closed Fix percentages line of polar-angle propdef Hyojin Song 2015-09-02 CSS Round Display
ACTION-708 (edit) closed Remove "for" line from polar-angle propdef Hyojin Song 2015-09-02 CSS Round Display
ACTION-709 (edit) closed Make polar-angle animatable as an angle Hyojin Song 2015-09-02 CSS Round Display
ACTION-710 (edit) closed Make polar-distance animatable as an angle Hyojin Song 2015-09-02 CSS Round Display
ACTION-711 (edit) closed Make position polar apply to the element rather than the parent Hyojin Song 2015-09-02 CSS Round Display
ACTION-712 (edit) closed Make polar-distance percentages relative to distance from center to edge of containing block (or mark this as an issue) so that it works for non-circular shapes as well Hyojin Song 2015-09-02 CSS Round Display
ACTION-713 (edit) closed Remove "for" line from polar-distance propdef Hyojin Song 2015-09-02 CSS Round Display
ACTION-714 (edit) closed Add issue about positioning items to the edge of the containing block without overflowing it; potentially solved by polar-anchor: <position> | auto Hyojin Song 2015-09-02 CSS Round Display
ACTION-715 (edit) closed Find unhappy dude at google who dislikes hyphenation properties and have him send email explaining his unhappiness to www-style Tab Atkins Jr. 2015-09-02
ACTION-722 (edit) closed Improve the note explaining why the prefixing policy change is good Florian Rivoal 2015-09-23
ACTION-726 (edit) closed Try and implement some approximation of the outline algorithm using selectors, for bookmark-level. Florian Rivoal 2015-11-02
ACTION-732 (edit) closed Work on polar-distance: contain; keyword proposal Hyojin Song 2015-11-03 CSS Round Display
ACTION-735 (edit) closed Remove cssom-values and redirect to houdini typed om Peter Linss 2015-11-03
ACTION-738 (edit) closed Review status of device adaptation Florian Rivoal 2015-11-03
ACTION-739 (edit) closed Review changes in device-adaptation to see if we need a new wd or just a date bump Florian Rivoal 2015-11-03 CSS Device Adaptation
ACTION-740 (edit) closed Republish mq4 Florian Rivoal 2015-11-03 Media Queries
ACTION-743 (edit) closed Work with chris or bert on publication Florian Rivoal 2015-11-18
ACTION-744 (edit) closed Add jis-b4 and jis-b5 values to the page spec. Florian Rivoal 2015-11-18
ACTION-745 (edit) closed Write a note on user-select for multi-range Florian Rivoal 2015-11-25
ACTION-752 (edit) closed Make proposal for round display media query Florian Rivoal 2016-02-09 CSS Round Display
ACTION-758 (edit) closed Determine set of -webkit-user-select values to spec Florian Rivoal 2016-02-24
ACTION-769 (edit) closed File an issue against the tag to fix the general pushstate / url reference problem Peter Linss 2016-05-16
ACTION-773 (edit) closed Come up with a syntax for shepherd to be able to get the issues Sam Sneddon 2016-05-17
ACTION-780 (edit) closed Make the edits to have your proposed rec dates in the charter Alan Stearns 2016-06-29
ACTION-785 (edit) closed Check if variables test coverage is from many browsers Sam Sneddon 2016-08-10
ACTION-787 (edit) closed Get back to editing tf and do research on Florian Rivoal 2016-08-31
ACTION-788 (edit) closed Continue with the shorthand/longhand idea for user-select Florian Rivoal 2016-08-31
ACTION-789 (edit) closed Report to epub about the mathml mq being approved. Daniel Glazman 2016-09-26 Media Queries
ACTION-790 (edit) closed Write the mathml mq. Florian Rivoal 2016-09-26
ACTION-800 (edit) closed Organize the mq4 work Florian Rivoal 2016-11-23 Media Queries
ACTION-801 (edit) closed Set up an issue for the selectors 4 change David Baron 2016-11-23
ACTION-802 (edit) closed Poke people about getting transforms edits done. Alan Stearns 2016-11-23
ACTION-809 (edit) closed Create a a11y tag on github. Elika Etemad 2017-01-11
ACTION-811 (edit) closed Change from used value time to computed value time the resolution of current color for color property only Florian Rivoal 2017-01-18
ACTION-812 (edit) closed Reread old om spec to see what to take from it Florian Rivoal 2017-01-18
ACTION-824 (edit) closed Doc for css3 ui for new cr Florian Rivoal 2017-01-20
ACTION-826 (edit) closed Commit the edits and publish Florian Rivoal 2017-01-21
ACTION-836 (edit) closed Extend applies to for baseline-shift to match alignment-baseline Elika Etemad 2017-03-22
ACTION-851 (edit) closed Clarify the scripting section as per fantasai description in minutes. Florian Rivoal 2017-05-24 Media Queries
ACTION-855 (edit) closed Follow-up on the issue Florian Rivoal 2017-08-09 Selectors Level 4
ACTION-856 (edit) closed See which ones are from should and consider whether to change to may. Florian Rivoal 2017-08-10
ACTION-859 (edit) closed File bugs with each case Florian Rivoal 2017-08-11
ACTION-862 (edit) closed Add the proposed text in to the spec Florian Rivoal 2017-08-30
ACTION-863 (edit) closed Write tests for the resolution " add max-height as well as height to the conditions that define the height for resolution of orthogonal flow sizing" Florian Rivoal 2017-10-04
ACTION-864 (edit) closed Propose text to resolve issue 1828 Florian Rivoal 2017-10-11
ACTION-868 (edit) closed Come up with new tags for new edits Alan Stearns 2018-02-21
ACTION-878 (edit) closed Write up options Florian Rivoal 2019-05-15

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