ACTION-373: Send an email to people who requested observer status

Send an email to people who requested observer status

Daniel Glazman
Due on:
November 2, 2011
Created on:
October 26, 2011
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You requested to observe the CSS Working Group during W3C TPAC next
week. Our rules for that are simple :

1. first in, first seated.

2. observers must be seated.

3. observers must remain silent and are not allowed to participate
unless the WG explicitely asks for it; please also avoid noise
entering or leaving the meeting room.

4. no photos with flash.

5. WG chairs can refuse new observers if the number of observers
already in the meeting room is too high for the quality of WG's
work, independently of the number of available observer's seats.

6. WG chairs can always ask all observers to leave the room at any
time to discuss WG-confidential matters (rare).

That's it.
Looking forward to seeing you in Santa Clara,

Daniel Glazman
W3C CSS Working Group, Co-chair

Daniel Glazman, 26 Oct 2011, 19:53:18

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