Changelog between May 23, 2017 and May 30, 2017

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ISSUE-48 [differing page templates] (raised)
ISSUE-94 (closed)


ACTION-842: Elika Etemad to Clarify that subgrids with orthogonal flows have rows and column axes flipped within the subgrid (open)
ACTION-843: Chris Lilley to Port gecko font variant tests into wpt (open)
ACTION-844: Myles Maxfield to Put this into the min/max section of the spec (open)
ACTION-845: Myles Maxfield to Add font-lang-override descriptor to fonts level 4 (open)
ACTION-846: John Daggett to Look for gecko tests for various font things (open)
ACTION-847: Tab Atkins Jr. to Ping ojan about this issue (open)
ACTION-848: Florian Rivoal to Talk with gregwhitworth & fremy about how this interacts with table spec. (open)
ACTION-849: Elika Etemad to Make wording (open)
ACTION-850: Rossen Atanassov to Verify what is done by each browser (by checking edge and putting on wg to-do list for everyone else) (open)

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