Changelog between December 11, 2014 and December 18, 2014

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ISSUE-25 [multiple borders] (closed)
ISSUE-30 [% border-radius] (closed)
ISSUE-56 [background/border-break inheritance] (closed)


ACTION-656: Bert Bos to Find steven pemberton and ask him about impl (closed)
ACTION-657: Elika Etemad to Add text-shadow (open)
ACTION-658: Daniel Glazman to Review pseudo spec based on edits. (open)
ACTION-659: Tab Atkins Jr. to Spec their float layout for intrinisic sizes (open)
ACTION-660: David Baron to Spec their float layout for intrinisic sizes (closed)
ACTION-661: Elika Etemad to Put ie's nearest-scrollable-box behavior into orthogonal flows spec (open)
ACTION-663: Chris Lilley to Extend the zakim bridge allocation (open)

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