ACTION-5: Review css2.1 issue 8 by 3/25

Review css2.1 issue 8 by 3/25

Arron Eicholz
Due on:
March 25, 2008
Created on:
March 18, 2008
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  1. [CSSWG] Minutes and Resolutions 2008-04-09 (from on 2008-04-10)

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Result notes:
Firefox and Safari ignore white space within the tables, whether it's pre or not. Opera honors the spec as written. IE7 doesn't support CSS tables.

Opera removes white space text nodes within <table> elements during parsing to avoid white-space: pre affecting <table> layout.

Arron Eicholz, 28 Mar 2008, 07:34:11

Accept Elika's proposal.

Arron Eicholz, 9 Apr 2008, 16:14:40

Display change log.

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