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This is an interim process for use until such time as any new process may be created for use in its place.

W3C Process

Submission to the W3C

This document describes how a W3C member may submit a specification for consideration by the Consortium.


The consortium works to achieve common standards. In some case, this process may be triggered by a W3 member submitting a specification to the Consortium for consideration as part of its work.

Under no circumstances may a document be refered to as "submitted to the W3 Consortium" or "under consideration by W3C" or any similar phrase, or should there be no implication made that W3C is working on a specification or with a company unless this process including the acknowledgement has been completed.

Submitting a specification

Submissions to W3C may only be made in by W3C Advisory Committee members. The submission should be made in HTML on a copy of the submission request template It must include the following information.

The body, company etc., submitting the specification;

The URL of or full content of all specifications submitted;

A statement as to the intellectual property rights associated with the specification;

A statement as to the terms of any proprietory technology required to implement the specification and known to the submitter;

A statement as to resources available from the submitter to help with any work

A statement as to what W3C action is suggested;

A statement as to the provision for any mechanisms for making any changes to the specifications if future versions should exist;

Acknowledgement of submission

A submission may be rejected by the Director of the Consortium, on grounds, for example, of insufficient resources being available to the consortium to follow it through, or the specification going outside the scope of the Consortium's activities.

In the event that the submission is to be acknowledged,

A copy of the submitted specifications will be made available on the W3C web site in the member-only area;

All Advisory Committee members will be notified by electronic mail; then

The submitter's Advisory Committee representative shall be notified of acknowledgement of the submission.

Significance as acknowledgement

The acknowledgement of a submission should NOT be taken to imply that any action will be taken by the Consortium. It does not imply any endorsement by W3C members or staff or the Consortium as a whole. It simply records the submission by the submitting member. It does not imply that the specification may be referred to as working progress in W3C.

Further steps may or may not be taken the Director under the terms of the W3C Process.

Tim BL, J Miller, D Connolly et al September 1996
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