W3C . Art of Consensus Guide

Role of the Group Chair

The W3C Director appoints (or re-appoints) a Chair (or more than one co-Chair) "Chair" for every Working Group and Interest Group ("Group"). The Chair's primary role is to facilitate consensus-building among Group members. The Chair works together with the W3C Staff Contact. Key roles of the Group Chair are listed below. Additional information on the role of the Group Chair is in W3C Process Document.

See also: On Chairing a group, Joseph Reagle

The team contact should arrange for the Chair and the Director to meet (by phone if necessary) to make sure they're on the same wavelength about things like:

and the team contact should make sure the chair is in the chairs group.

Creates Group charter and convenes Group

Coordinates with W3C Team and other W3C Working Groups as needed

Maintains Group Process & Organization

What to look for when choosing a chair

The following bullets based on suggestions from Joseph Reagle

Chris Lilley, Judy Brewer, Daniel Dardailler