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The Working Group effectiveness Task Force helped establish a Chair Buddy System by which experienced Chairs can volunteer as buddy-mentors to help buddy-mentees Chairs.

Interested parties should subscribe to (Member-only archive). Chairs have access to their contact information via the Chairs group.



Thank-you for agreeing to be a W3C Chair Buddy! You should have been assigned your buddy-mentee and received their details from the W3C Team. If not, please ask the W3C Project Lead. Here are some resources and guidelines for helping you get started with being a buddy-mentor.

Self-declared Buddy-Mentors:


Thank-you for joining the W3C Chair Buddy system! As a buddy-mentee you should have received details of your buddy. If you have not please ask the W3C Project Lead. Here are some guidelines for being a buddy-mentee.

Self-declared Buddy-Mentees:

Feedback is to @w3c/guidebook and is welcome on GitHub