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Advanced Search for W3C Translations

Translations for some of the non-Recommendation track documents can also be found through:

Ivan Herman. Please send comments on this page to the W3C Communication team (w3t-pr@w3.org).
The queries rely on the following RDF files: tr.rdf, Trans2005.rdf, Trans2006.rdf, Trans2007.rdf, Trans2008.rdf, Trans2009.rdf, Trans2010.rdf, Trans2011.rdf, Trans2012.rdf, Trans2013.rdf, Trans2014.rdf, Trans2015.rdf, Trans2016.rdf, Trans2017.rdf, TransTo2004.rdf, extras.rdf, langInfo.rdf, translators.rdf, docGroups.rdf, recs.rdf, commented.rdf, deadDucks.rdf, and extraControls.rdf.
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