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DanConnolly installed MoinMoin:AntiSpamGlobalSolution on 2005-01-13; took one of the spammy links and tried to add it; sure enough, it got blocked!

  • guest was grateful to DanC. He wondered if LocalBadContent in use by the script. If so, guest will add some of the addresses that vandalised the front page to it. Guest felt as if in an adventure game.
Wow, well done Dan, I missed the announcement completely AndrewCates

DanConnolly was considering turning off anonymous writes. MarkBaker convinced him otherwise:

MarkBaker doesn't think that will help. Typically that just helps in stopping/slowing-down bots, which this Wiki doesn't seem to have problems with (AFAICT). We did this recently on the RESTwiki, and the spammers continue to register even though we delete them after we catch them.

In an interview with a Wikipedia project leader, there's a nifty idea: "One of the first tricks I would try is to parse the wiki text that someone inputs to see if it contains an external link." Are the MoinMoin folks working on that? Please? ;-)

Another idea: a whitelist of domains you can link to.

For bonus points, consider: any domain cited in a www-rdf-interest thread is fair game. Suppose Sally mails www-rdf-interest with a link to somewhere in foo.example, and Bob replies to Sally's message. So the wiki should have a form with two fields: (1) the domain, foo.example, and (2) the pointer to Sally's message. If the pointer is into the W3C list archives, and it has a link to foo.example, and somebody has replied, then foo.example is added to the whitelist (and the justification is logged).

We did a WikiUpgrade to MoinMoin 1.2 which is supposed to make it much easier to manage WikiSpam. Our MoinMoinToDo list still inclues looking at MoinMoin:AntiSpamGlobalSolution .

Is there a way to have infitite history length? Or is it already infinite, but just not displayed? someone 2004-12-3

several pages are now (when??)flooded with links that would be sensible, except that the URL has changed. It has now slipped passed our view in RecentChanges, and is in the MeatBall:PageDatabase.

I have added the site on my list for a once a day de-spam --AndrewCates

I have just despammed a whole load of pages. You are right it is tough to spot in this version of MoinMoin. If you tell me where other spammy pages are I'll have a go when I've got time --AndrewCates

I'm seriously thinking about just creating an RDF wiki of my own, because it's so hard to care for this one. I think that'd be a terrible loss, but- I mean; I feel that this place is already lost.

-- LionKimbro DateTime(2004-07-03T00:54:23)

somebody vandalized the FrontPage; somebody from .

Also link spams have been coming from,,,,,, and Perhaps we should ban 221.136.x.x? Could a special page for banning IPs be created and, after admin verification, all their edits removed from the page histories and reverted? guest