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A few notes AboutThisService for the ESW administrators.... Feel free to add things, offer motivations, etc. Also indicating how much it's an ESW thing vs. something you think every MoinMoin should have...

Ugh... WikiSpam!

SandroHawke and DanConnolly are looking for a few free minutes to upgrade to moin 1.2 to make it easier to revert WikiSpam. done! WikiUpgrade

MoinMoin:AntiSpamGlobalSolution looks interesting.

Wishlist (To Do)


  • a configuration issue

nicer css style

  • see MoinMoin:HelpOnConfiguration/CascadingStyleSheets
  • Turns out to be difficult; output doesn't set classes on everything it should. (like the footer), and uses a lot of tables.
  • try plain.css for a maybe-somewhat-better one. (SandroHawke using it, but eh.....)
  • the std wiki page uses absolute font-family names, absolute font-size, etc. Ick. (just changed yesterday)

Maybe fix %TOPIC stuff from TWiki

Upgrade (to cvs stable version?), for pre-edit lock warning

  • . after upgrade, use `moin-dump` to create static HTML version for archival backups

Maybe allow AcronymsInWikiNames.

We need clear license terms... e.g. a CreativeCommons logo right next to the 'save' button on the edit page.

oops... is the output of this service not XHTML happy? evidently not. The MoinMoin folks say its on their queue, but low, and are not interested in our help.

wow! DanConnolly thought you had to start new pages my making links from existing pages... wants a "making new islands is not cool" blurb in the "you can create this page now" text. Settled for an IslandTopic rant for now.

Needless URL duplication? why have ?action=view instead of just a link to the topic itself. The 'clear comment' link you see after editing, in particular, encourages two URLs to get deployed for each Wiki topic.

Eeek! the ?action=subscribe thingy is an unsafe GET! (see W3C TAG finding for why we should care).

and the title search uses POST. sigh

It would be really nice to have the &date=1051027044 suffix be easier to control. Something like a banner: You are looking at this wiki as it appeared on xxxxxxxxxx. Enter different date: [ ] or _return_to_now_. It's of course a general web problem. But getting it right in the wiki at least would allow wiki pages to be used like specs, with pointers to particular versions. As it is now, the links out return you to the present automatically.

Allow HTML editing (eg with Amaya) of the pages for people who have such editors.

This would require roundtripping via HTML, but maybe that's possible.

Why does the LocalSiteMap for the front page only show one level?