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The Semantic Web Interest Group met Thursday, 2nd March, 2006 Cannes Mandelieu, France as part of the W3C Technical Plenary Week.

Participants took notes in IRC; see log, chump/weblog.

Morning Session

Welcome and Introductions

108130049_64c4371484_t.jpg photo with notes to connect names with faces

Attendees included: Henry Story, Ralph Swick, Eric Miller, Phil Archer, Mark Baker, Tim Berners-Lee, Ivan Hermann, Giovanni Tummarello, Christian Morbidoni, Dan Connolly, Igor Mozetic, Libby Miller, Brian McBride, Alistair Miles, Jeremy Caroll, Hiroshi Yasuhara, Ian Davis, Markus Krötzsch, and Danny Ayers, guest chair. Murray Maloney joined after lunch.

See IRC notes starting 08:05:31Z for a few of the introductory remarks.

Trust RDF to describe Web content?

Phil Archer presented. Slides, content label XG charter

irc notes starting 08:15Z

DBin: an all round Semantic Web platform for user communities

Giovanni Tummarello presented. DBin Project

IRC notes starting 08:43Z

Semantic Web Health Care and Life Sciences Interest Group

Eric Miller gave an overview of the Interest Group.

notes startin 10:07Z

Lightning talks, part I


SPARQL Next Steps with DAWG

Discussion of SPARQL issues, especially the postponed ones.

EricP's summarized a poll:

  1. protocol for graph update
  2. querying collections
  3. aggregate functions
  4. subqueries
  5. told bNodes
  6. standardized approach to "fourth slot" queries ala RDQL
  7. using SPARQL via forms languages such as HTML or XForms

notes starting 12:39Z

We discussed the possibility of a sparql-dev mailing list. Postscript: see public-sparql-dev .


DanConnolly presented a few slides from Semantic Web Data Integration with hCalendar and GRDDL and we then had a discussion. See notes starting 13:10Z thru 14:30Z.

Some points that arose:

  1. Tutorial for using GRDDL with xml schemas (Murray)
  2. An exploration for 3rd party semantics or scraping
  3. Embedded RDF tutorial done by Ian Davis. Reference it.
  4. Keep tabulator up to date with GRDDL test suite?
  5. http://esw.w3.org/topic/MicroModels
  6. do not limit rdf/xml as output
  7. outreach (?)
  8. Metadata for transformations (Brian)


A Common Web Language (CDL)

Hiroshi Yasuhara presented. See slides, irc notes starting 15:14Z.


MarkNottingham presented his work on an easy RDF API in python. See notes starting 15:44Z.

WSDL RDF mapping

(slides) and "Semantic annotations for WSDL" (slides) Jacek Kopecky

notes starting 15:59Z

Lightning Talks, part II

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