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Issues are accepted by the chair and disposed of by WG decision. An issue owner owes the WG a proposal to close the issue (preferably including discussion of alternatives).

In preparation for the Helsinki meeting, there is a survey on these issues. Proposals are marked up in this style. decisions to close issues are marked up in this style.

in progress: formalized issue list using GRDDL: live GRDDL output

Open Issues

Postponed Issues

  1. cascadedQueries postponed
  2. accessingCollections postponed
  3. serviceDescription postponed
  4. xmlAbstractSyntax postponed
  5. countAggregate postponed
  6. update postponed
  7. queryByReference postponed
  8. owlDisjunction postponed
  9. nameValueForms postponed
  10. bnodeRef postponed
  11. unescapedXml postponed
  12. simplificationAmbiguity postponed

Closed Issues

  1. languageProtocolName closed
  2. DESCRIBE closed
  3. consUnboundVars closed
  4. consWithBnodes closed
  5. SOURCE closed *
  6. unsaid closed
  7. yesNoQueries closed
  8. prefixSyntax closed
  9. disjunction closed
  10. graphSolutionMapping closed
  11. useMentionOp closed
  12. protocolRootReferent closed
  13. fromUnionQuery closed
  14. resultsMimeType closed
  15. queryMimeType closed
  16. sort closed
  17. badIRIRef closed
  18. valueTesting closed
  19. wsdlAbstractProtocol closed
  20. rdfSemantics closed
  21. syntaxExtensionProtocol closed
  22. contradictoryKB closed
  23. punctuationSyntax closed
  24. formsOfDistinct closed
  25. nonliteralValueTesting closed
  26. nestedOptionals closed
  27. openWorldValueTesting closed
  28. entailmentFramework closed

* indicates outstanding formal objections regarding the decision to close the issue or to adopt relevant requirements or objectives.

There is also outstanding dissent not specific to any of the issues above:


earlier working draft was published as SPARQL, without expansion. (other candidates: DARQ, DART, BRIQL, TRIQL, RAQL/RAQP SWQL, BRQL, RQL, BARQ,...)

Search WG mail archives for Subject: ...languageProtocolName...


Capability for multiple queries in the same request, cascading the bindings (or graph) returned from one query into another... ala SELECT-WHERE, SELECT-WHERE; aka composition.

Note also: major technical: no subqueries

Search WG mail archives for Subject: ...cascadedQueries...


DESCRIBE: What is it?

Search WG mail archives for Subject: ...DESCRIBE...


what if construct graph includes unbound variables?


Need to allow bNodes in constructed graph


Allowing query expressions to refer to the source of a triple.

Search WG mail archives for Subject: ...consUnboundVars...



Search WG mail archives for Subject: ...unsaid...


How to refer, in the protocol and/or query language, to data over which to query?

Multiple FROM in a request => union query; Scaling issues here?

Search WG mail archives for Subject: ...fromUnionQuery...


yes or no questions

Search WG mail archives for Subject: ...fromUnionQuery...


prefixFirst: Better would be to have the prefixes first, and to have the ':' in the prefix to allow the default prefix to be defined.

Search WG mail archives for Subject: ...prefixSyntax...


Disjunction designs, balancing user needs with implementation difficulties (OPTIONAL, etc.)

  1. accepted 2004-09-16 in Bristol
  2. SteveH owner as of 2004-09-17 in Bristol
  3. Proposal to drop disjunction requirement Steve Harris (Thursday, 30 September 2004)

    To wit: 3.13 RDF Graph Pattern Matching - Disjunction

  4. section 6 More Pattern Matching – Alternatives is a sketch as of the 12 Oct 2004 WD; section 6 of editor's draft has more detail as of ~ Nov 2004
  5. closed 2005-01-20 in Helsinki meeting over the objection of Dave Beckett, which was that it did not merit the implementation cost. Becket later wrote I'd withdraw my personal objection to it in a message of 20 Feb 2006, and the University of Bristol withdrew their objection 27 March 2006.

Search WG mail archives for Subject: ...disjunction...


number of bindings vs. number of graphs

Search WG mail archives for Subject: ...graphSolutionMapping...


Support for collections/containers? or trees? or path regular expressions?

Search WG mail archives for Subject: ...accessingCollections...


protocol URIs are for services or for document/graph/models?

Search WG mail archives for Subject: ...protocolRootReferent...


use/mention issues in regex operators, test result format

Search WG mail archives for Subject: ...useMentionOp...


What functions and operators on integers, strings, values and terms to include, and how?


What punctuation-level syntax to use in SPARQL queries?


How to express sort orderings on query results?





other query languages have counting and other aggregate functions; these are complicated in RDF due to open world notions of equality and inequality.

Search WG mail archives for Subject: ...countAggregate...


Users seem to find it useful to refer to bnodes given by the server, though the scope of a bnode is usually one lexical graph.

Search WG mail archives for Subject: ...bnodeRef...


Should the SPARQL Query Results XML Format allow XML literals to be returned unescaped within a <binding> element?



A TAG finding says W3C Working Groups engaged in defining a language SHOULD arrange for the registration of an Internet Media Type for that language. DAWG should choose an Internet Media Type for SPARQL queries or explain why not.


A TAG finding says W3C Working Groups engaged in defining a language SHOULD arrange for the registration of an Internet Media Type for that language. DAWG should choose an Internet Media Type for SPARQL results or explain why not.


What to say about queries like SELECT ?x WHERE { <foo###bar> dc:title ?x }?


should queries of non-lean and lean graphs that entail each other give the same answers? Any practical advice about queries over infinite graph such as all the RDF axiomatic triples?

some notes by DanC in preparation for 18 Oct telcon, based on 4 Oct discussion:

proposal:LC designredundancy optionalparameterized entailment
query options datasetdatasetdataset
service options service may support any dataset(s) it chooses, by loading from the web, by inference, etc; must fail if a sepecific dataset is requested and not supported (same as LC) service may support any dataset it chooses, and in any entailment mode it chooses. Entailment modes include rdf simple entailment, abstract syntax entailment, RDFS entailment, etc. (e.g. OWL DL entailment, OWL full entailment)
use case: results of querying equivalent graph should be equivalent (14 Sep) No yes, though clients need to be prepared to ignore redundancy in answers yes, though clients need to be sure they're talking to a SPARQL service that does the right kind of entailment
use case: Building a Graph (14 Sep) yes no; a service is never obliged to return redundant solutions yes; a service that advertises "abstract syntax" entailment gives the desired answer
spec impact none change "subgraph" to "rdf simple entailment"; allow redundant bnode answers (not clear how this interacts with optional etc. though the fact that the tests already work this way suggests it doesn't) change "subgraph" to "appropriate entailment"; define abstract syntax entailment and choose a URI for it; chose a URI to rdf simple entailment; perhaps standardize URIs for RDFS, OWL-DL, OWL-Full entailment
test impact tests with sorted results are OK; test with unsorted results also need indexes or other nonces that distinguish otherwise-redundant results none; the tests already work this way add entailment parameter to manifests; add tests for rdf simple entailment vs abstract syntax entailment vs RDFS entailment (plus tests for interactions with optional etc.?)
implementation experience several service implementations (ARQ, librdf, 3store, ...) all service implementations of LC spec (ARQ, librdf, 2store, ...) plus any implementations that use lean graphs (e.g. cwm) librdf, ARQ support "abstract syntax" entailment; cwm supports rdf-simple entailment. I gather 3store supports RDFS entailment, or something close (hmm... how does this interact with the GRAPH stuff?)
support WG, as of 14 Jun ?,, ...?
opposition pfps, ...? ? ?


The worker example in Enrico's msg from July 2004 evidently doesn't work well with SPARQL as of the 21 July 2005 LCWD. Are there mature designs that work better? At a minimum, we should be explicit that we don't handle this. Note that this issue seems to interact with section 2.1 Specification of RDF Schema/OWL semantics of the DAWG charter.


Add update/write/insert operations to SPARQL protocol?


Connect/adapts SPARQL protocol to ?name=value HTML form syntax/protocol?


Search WG mail archives for Subject: ...queryByReference...


How does the protocol handle syntax extensions?


What are the answers to a contradictory KB?


PROPOSED: [[Logical entailment may result in inconsistent RDF graphs. For example, "-1"^^xsd:positiveInteger is inconsistent with respect to D-entailment [INFORMATIVE]. The result of queries on an inconsistent graph is outside this specification.]] With the proviso that this ought not be interpreted as precluding the possibility of returning errors.


What form of distinct do we want to support and which syntax to signal them? What is the notion of distinctness for RDF literals?


Do we want to support non-literal data value testing?


How does open world assumption interact with value testing?


I'm collecting all the issues related to entailment and SPARQL here till either a theme emerges or they get broken into separate issues.

Change Log

$Log: issues.html,v $
Revision 1.156  2007/10/23 15:28:27  lfeigenb
typo fix

Revision 1.155  2007/10/13 08:26:37  lfeigenb
slight update to simplificationAmbiguity

Revision 1.154  2007/10/13 08:23:57  lfeigenb
updated issues list with simplificationAmbiguity

Revision 1.153  2007/10/01 00:36:54  lfeigenb
added and postponed unescapedXml issue

Revision 1.152  2007/05/05 17:30:04  lfeigenb
DanC withdraws DESCRIBE objection

Revision 1.151  2007/05/03 13:34:06  lfeigenb
SteveH withdraws objection to fromUnionQuery

Revision 1.150  2007/04/17 20:04:05  lfeigenb
PatH withdraws objection to rdfSemantics resolution

Revision 1.149  2007/04/10 15:17:05  eric
~ validated

Revision 1.148  2007/03/20 23:06:55  lfeigenb
closed entailmentFramework issue

Revision 1.147  2007/03/13 22:51:08  lfeigenb
Closed nestedOptionals and openWorldValueTesting.

Closed re-opened bnodeRef issue and marked original bnodeRef issue as postponed.

Revision 1.146  2007/02/26 00:16:59  lfeigenb
closed nonliteralValueTesting

Revision 1.145  2007/01/07 19:59:12  lfeigenb

Closed punctuationSyntax issue (also notes on additional discussion).
Closed formsOfDistinct issue.
Noted comments regarding accessingCollections issue.

Revision 1.144  2006/10/02 16:53:46  eric
commited per KendallC's request
- closed contradictoryKB
+ opend entailmentFramework

Revision 1.143  2006/08/29 14:28:10  kclark
Reopened: bnodeRef, punctuationSyntax, nestedOptionals
Opened: formsOfDistinct, contradictoryKB, nonliteralValueTesting, openWorldValueTesting

Revision 1.142  2006/05/11 14:54:58  connolly
note that 26 Jan decision on rdfSemantics impacts punctuationSyntax too
(per my action from 9 May)

Revision 1.141  2006/04/06 20:12:11  connolly
note PFPS's comments of 22 Feb and formal objection

Revision 1.140  2006/04/04 16:03:33  connolly
Network Inference withdraws objection on result limits
in a message of Fri, 31 Mar 2006 18:04:07 -0800

Revision 1.139  2006/03/29 17:26:30  connolly
h3, not h2, for nameValueForms

Revision 1.138  2006/03/29 17:25:07  connolly
nameValueForms postponed markup fix

Revision 1.137  2006/03/29 17:21:45  connolly
nameValueForms is postponed

Revision 1.136  2006/03/27 14:08:37  connolly
objection to disjuction withdrawn

Revision 1.135  2006/03/21 23:58:18  connolly
Hays's objection clarified

Revision 1.134  2006/03/20 23:09:12  connolly
note Beckett on disjunction

Revision 1.133  2006/03/20 21:44:50  connolly
note Harold's dissent on punctuationSyntax

Revision 1.132  2006/02/20 15:21:46  connolly
syntaxExtensionProtocol closed

Revision 1.131  2006/02/18 04:40:30  connolly
lifted more of DaveB's objection on disjunction from minutes to issues list

Revision 1.130  2006/02/17 22:15:19  connolly
fill in valueTesting decision record

Revision 1.129  2006/02/13 22:33:59  connolly
re-reading records, I see RobS didn't object to subgraph results; he abstained

Revision 1.128  2006/02/13 14:38:07  connolly
cite record of postponing owlDisjunction

Revision 1.127  2006/02/10 21:25:04  connolly
connect ter Horst's comments to rdfSemantics

Revision 1.126  2006/02/07 03:31:24  connolly
issue closure date markup

Revision 1.125  2006/02/06 23:59:21  connolly
rel for link to group for foaf:homepage connection

Revision 1.124  2006/02/06 22:40:12  connolly
rdfSemantics was closed 26 Jan

Revision 1.123  2006/01/25 23:46:43  connolly
wsdlAbstractProtocol, valueTesting closed

Revision 1.122  2006/01/25 16:17:02  connolly
note "no subqueries" comment under a postponed issue

Revision 1.121  2006/01/25 15:31:21  connolly
markup fix

Revision 1.120  2006/01/25 15:29:38  connolly
note comment in support of describe

Revision 1.119  2006/01/11 18:08:25  connolly
note Jacco's objection to issue DESCRIBE

Revision 1.118  2006/01/09 19:17:42  connolly
added queryByReference postponed issue

Revision 1.117  2006/01/04 16:15:54  connolly
update is postponed
connected more comments to issues

Revision 1.116  2005/12/12 21:16:47  connolly
make a couple issues explicit: update, nameValueForms

Revision 1.115  2005/12/12 21:09:31  connolly
valueTesting is open again

Revision 1.114  2005/12/12 20:55:14  connolly
note punctuationSyntax ammended

Revision 1.113  2005/11/09 15:30:05  connolly
updated/expanded accessingCollections

Revision 1.112  2005/11/05 21:07:43  connolly
put closed markers in the right place

Revision 1.111  2005/11/05 21:05:32  connolly
wsdl is open; valueTesting is closed

Revision 1.110  2005/10/18 13:38:57  connolly
s/steve's system/3store/g

Revision 1.109  2005/10/17 19:10:54  connolly
badIRIRef closed

Revision 1.108  2005/10/17 19:09:32  connolly
sort closed

Revision 1.107  2005/10/17 19:06:52  connolly
punctuationSyntax is closed

Revision 1.106  2005/10/17 18:45:18  connolly
text align

Revision 1.105  2005/10/17 18:44:41  connolly
don't suggest there's no other opposition to LC design

Revision 1.104  2005/10/17 18:43:51  connolly
more on implementation experience

Revision 1.103  2005/10/17 18:34:54  connolly
table border

Revision 1.102  2005/10/17 18:31:28  connolly
collecting thoughts on rdfSemantics

Revision 1.101  2005/09/27 14:13:11  connolly
connected issues#punctuationSyntax to some comments; added some implicit refs

Revision 1.100  2005/09/22 12:36:26  connolly
added doctype

Revision 1.99  2005/09/09 23:07:19  connolly
added issues rdfSemantics and owlDisjunction in light of recent comments

Revision 1.98  2005/09/05 14:45:11  connolly
issue queryMimeType closed last week

Revision 1.97  2005/08/03 23:04:25  connolly
- reopened sort; needs IRI sort test
- added rel="comment" to connect issues to comments
- connected a few more comments to issues

Revision 1.96  2005/08/01 17:56:09  connolly
resultsMimeType is closed

Revision 1.95  2005/08/01 17:21:24  connolly
connect language tag comment to valueTesting

Revision 1.94  2005/08/01 17:13:22  connolly
IRIs vs RDF URI References is also relevant to badIRIRef

Revision 1.93  2005/08/01 16:21:10  connolly
progress on queryMimeType

Revision 1.92  2005/07/25 15:38:26  connolly
re-opened valueTesting
added badIRIRef

Revision 1.91  2005/07/25 14:49:20  connolly
fixed resultsMimeType id

Revision 1.90  2005/07/25 14:07:00  connolly
new issues queryMimeType and resultsMimeType

Revision 1.89  2005/07/25 13:26:24  connolly
fg color of resolved

Revision 1.88  2005/07/19 15:10:40  connolly
search bnodeRef

Revision 1.87  2005/07/12 16:24:04  connolly
oops... bnodeRef in the TOC too

Revision 1.86  2005/07/12 16:23:33  connolly
added, postponed countAggregate and bnodeRef issues

Revision 1.85  2005/06/24 18:34:46  connolly
- noted resolutions to fromUnionQuery, punctuationSyntax,
  valueTesting, and wsdlAbstractProtocol from 7 Jun;
- elaborated fromUnionQuery resolution a bit, including SH's objection
- removed class="owner" where the relevant actions are done
- added missing class="accept" a few times

Revision 1.84  2005/06/07 19:32:30  connolly

Revision 1.83  2005/06/07 19:31:55  connolly
excerpt more re ## testcase

Revision 1.82  2005/06/07 19:31:19  connolly
note request for ## testcase under punctuationSyntax

Revision 1.81  2005/05/31 14:12:01  connolly
more background on punctuationSyntax

Revision 1.80  2005/05/30 02:12:05  connolly
minutes 19 May provide details for closing serviceDescription,
 xmlAbstractSyntax, sort
noted a test idea for punctuationSyntax from Ashok's comment

Revision 1.79  2005/05/24 10:21:17  connolly
punctuationSyntax tests

Revision 1.78  2005/05/24 09:51:20  connolly
a sort of proposal re punctuationSyntax

Revision 1.77  2005/05/17 16:22:38  connolly
closed three issues! minutes pending...

Revision 1.76  2005/04/19 22:37:13  connolly
decided against reification syntax

Revision 1.75  2005/04/19 22:34:51  connolly
beefed up fromUnionQuery, valueTesting, and sort a bit; mostly
by adding short descriptions

Revision 1.74  2005/04/12 13:52:31  connolly
note bnodes/existentials comment re graphSolutionsMapping

Revision 1.73  2005/04/08 19:39:21  connolly
moved GK's comment on DESCRIBE closer to other public comments

Revision 1.72  2005/04/08 19:10:43  connolly
noted GK's position on DESCRIBE

Revision 1.71  2005/04/08 19:00:00  connolly
note Klyne's position on SOURCE

Revision 1.70  2005/04/08 18:43:08  connolly
noted outstanding dissent on issues:
 - valueTesting, 3.3 Extensible Value Testing
 - SOURCE, objective 4.2 Data Integration and Aggregation
and requirements
 - subgraph results
 - result limits
 - optional match
and overall approach
 - BRQL straw-man

Revision 1.69  2005/04/05 20:53:26  connolly
noted I have the ball on punctuationSyntax

Revision 1.68  2005/04/05 20:33:05  connolly
re-opened punctuationSyntax

Revision 1.67  2005/03/29 16:47:29  connolly
owner of xmlAbstractSyntax

Revision 1.66  2005/03/25 23:50:21  connolly
cleaned up punctuationSyntax; quoted resolution

Revision 1.65  2005/03/25 23:47:05  connolly
cleaned up accessingCollections: quoted resolution

Revision 1.64  2005/03/25 23:42:42  connolly
cleaned up cascadedQueries: quoted resolution, revised summary

Revision 1.63  2005/03/24 18:53:19  connolly
- added serviceDescription, wsdlAbstractProtocol, xmlAbstractSyntax

Revision 1.62  2005/03/21 22:33:42  connolly
noted owners of sort, valueTesting issues

Revision 1.61  2005/03/21 17:13:56  connolly
- added sort issue
- moved punctuationSyntax to closed

Revision 1.60  2005/03/04 00:35:08  connolly
update from 22Feb, ftf5

Revision 1.59  2005/03/03 22:45:29  connolly
ack punctuationSyntax

Revision 1.58  2005/02/04 20:16:13  connolly
document class="resolve"

Revision 1.57  2005/02/04 20:14:48  connolly
class="resolve" vs "resolved"

Revision 1.56  2005/02/04 20:13:23  connolly
markup fix

Revision 1.55  2005/02/04 20:13:08  connolly
- linked issues to decisions from helsinki
- grouped issues by status (open/postsponed/closed)

Revision 1.54  2005/01/19 05:02:01  connolly
proposal markup

Revision 1.53  2005/01/19 05:01:34  connolly
proposal markup. again. sigh.

Revision 1.52  2005/01/19 04:50:30  connolly
proposal markup on separate DESCRIBE ql

Revision 1.51  2005/01/19 04:44:25  connolly
- cascadedQueries proposal from eric
- DESCRIBE proposals from DanC, DanBri
- note sandro's input to consWithBnodes
- SOURCE option from SteveH
- yesNo SELECT/LIMIT option
- prefixDecl only in one place option

Revision 1.50  2005/01/14 22:33:49  connolly
DESCRIBE link to spec fixed

Revision 1.49  2005/01/14 22:28:27  connolly
absolutized links for portability to WBS

Revision 1.48  2005/01/14 21:44:44  connolly
change issue names constructWithBnodes and constructUnboundVars
to be distinct in the 1st 8 chars. (sigh)

Revision 1.47  2005/01/14 21:19:58  connolly
spurious wbs URI

Revision 1.46  2005/01/14 21:19:19  connolly
prefix syntax proposal class markup

Revision 1.45  2005/01/14 21:17:54  connolly
nest requirements/objectives under relevant proposals

Revision 1.44  2005/01/14 21:13:32  connolly
link to WBS; explain proposal style

Revision 1.43  2005/01/14 21:10:52  connolly
proposals yellow

Revision 1.42  2005/01/14 21:08:48  connolly
quote bug

Revision 1.41  2005/01/14 21:08:20  connolly
relevant part of the spec on prefixDecl

Revision 1.40  2005/01/14 21:05:47  connolly
spec section relevant to yes/no

Revision 1.39  2005/01/14 21:01:09  connolly

Revision 1.38  2005/01/14 20:59:17  connolly
found more proposals from the rq23 spec

Revision 1.37  2005/01/14 20:50:16  connolly
rq23 position on constructUnbound

Revision 1.36  2005/01/14 14:49:02  connolly
grddling issues list

Revision 1.35  2005/01/13 19:27:42  connolly
blockquote/address style

Revision 1.34  2005/01/13 19:26:50  connolly
beefing up unsaid

Revision 1.33  2005/01/11 16:35:21  connolly
removed obsolete notes on SOURCE

Revision 1.32  2005/01/11 16:34:23  connolly
elaborated source issue

Revision 1.31  2005/01/11 16:22:02  connolly
made search links more readable

Revision 1.30  2005/01/11 16:19:08  connolly
fleshed out disjunction issue

Revision 1.29  2005/01/05 23:05:38  connolly
note name issue closed

Revision 1.28  2004/12/13 16:19:36  connolly
new issue in TOC

Revision 1.27  2004/12/13 14:31:54  connolly
fixed bullet

Revision 1.26  2004/12/13 14:31:13  connolly
archive search for each issue

Revision 1.25  2004/12/13 14:21:42  connolly
- relieved Alberto of owning DESCRIBE
- added useMentionOp

Revision 1.24  2004/11/15 14:44:11  connolly
cite DaveB's SOURCE proposal

Revision 1.23  2004/11/01 17:16:31  connolly
fixing broken links

Revision 1.22  2004/09/30 13:30:13  connolly
dropped unack'd issues

Revision 1.21  2004/09/28 19:16:44  connolly
shortened h1, moved DAWG from nearby to context

Revision 1.20  2004/09/28 19:15:07  connolly
indexed owners

Revision 1.19  2004/09/28 19:12:01  connolly
cited actions relevant to SOURCE issue

Revision 1.18  2004/09/28 18:57:33  connolly
named all the issues
merged "queries and a merge rule" into cascadedQueries
merged 2 not/unsaid issues
merged 2 source issues

20 rows - 2 unacked issues - 3 merged = 15 issues

Revision 1.17  2004/09/20 23:41:45  connolly
collections, service/document

Revision 1.16  2004/09/20 18:52:58  connolly
ftf3 issues: owners, disjunction, ...

Revision 1.15  2004/09/17 13:13:49  connolly
(connolly) Changed through Jigsaw.

Revision 1.14  2004/09/17 08:41:02  dbeckett2

Revision 1.13  2004/09/09 15:29:55  connolly
removed dup: construct unbound vars

Revision 1.12  2004/09/09 11:46:12  connolly
SOURCE description

Revision 1.11  2004/09/08 18:14:58  connolly
use lists for all (normal) issue histories

Revision 1.10  2004/09/08 18:13:18  connolly
table border, changelog

Dan Connolly for Eric Prud'hommeaux and the RDF Data Access Working Group
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