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RDF Data Access Weekly Telcon

28 Jun 2005


AndyS, DanC, DaveB, Eric, Jeen_Broekstra, Kendall_Clark, KevinW, PatH, Souri, SteveH, Yoshio, ericP,
KendallC + EricP + DanC


  1. Convene, take roll, review records and agenda
  2. Next ftf?
  4. syntax-qname-08-rq and syntax-qname-14-rq
  5. IRI normalization
  6. Refining Optionals
  7. solution modifiers & construct/describe
  8. COUNT requirement?
  9. SPARQL QL publication

See also: IRC log, proposed agenda

Convene, take roll, review records and agenda

scribe: KendallC + EricP

RESOLVED to approve minutes 7 Jun , minutes 14 Jun

Regrets (partial): HowardK

RESOLVED to meet again 5 Jul per regular schedule; EricP to scribe

Note: 4 July is a holiday in the US.

Next ftf?

There is an offer to host in BRS, from HP for most (but not all) of the weeks in August

<DaveB> I like brs in august :)

<Yoshio> in which week of August?

<kendall> I'll be in Houston for some 7 to 10 day stretch during August, but I'll try to avoid overlap with f2f.

<ericP> ericP +1 to BRS in august in the range of 8-Aug - 18-Aug

note HP offer again.

Chair suffers ennui, capitulates for now. :>


public-rdf-dawg-comments archive

DanC has a long outstanding comment re: INSERT...

discussion of blank node comments

syntax-qname-08-rq and syntax-qname-14-rq (punctuationSyntax)

Tests affected by the proposal:

<DaveB> 08: WHERE { :a. x.: : . }

WHERE { :a. x.: : . }

Is there any new evidence to reopen the dots-in-qnames decision?

<kendall> Other than that people keep being unhappy about it?

EricP completely ambivalent.

PatH wonders whether redefining qname syntax is any of our business, suggests intra-spec consistency more important than minor (?) bits of convenience

<kendall> +1 for XML qname rules from me

<SteveH> yes, +1 for XML rules

Differences from XML: _foo:bar are not allowed.

Differences from XML: foo: are allowed.

<DaveB> andy says _:a is not allowed - diff from xml

<DaveB> and currently _foo:bar also not allowed

JosD notes considerable deployment of { a b c. }

<DaveB> turtle's never allowed a b c.

<kendall> (hmm, epistemic sins may seem to license future sins! :>)

<SteveH> ericP, generated queries would need special rules for qnames with .s

<DaveB> they'll need special rules anyway to escape <s, "s etc. etc.

EricP: Note that qnames are just short-hand; in the general case, you can write out the full URI.
a:b a:c <http://example.org/#foo.>
a:b a:c c:foo.
In a larger context:

{ a:b a:c c:foo. .
  a:d a:e a:f }

<ericP> DaveB, i read c:foo.... as <$ns{c}:foo....>

<AndyS> Is < legal in an IRI at all?

<DaveB> you can use \u002E always anwyay

<kendall> eek

POLL: (a) not dots in qnames (b) dots in qnames except at the end (c) dots in qnames even at the end

a -4

a -5

b -1

c -1

c -2

<kendall> and qname rules are already maximally arbitrary, so one more bit isn't really one more! :>

RESOLVED: to allow dots in qnames except at the end. Dave, Pat abstain

<ericP> i'm happy for a decision

<kendall> ACTION: JosD to fix up the relevant tests [recorded in http://www.w3.org/2005/06/28-dawg-minutes.html#action01]

IRI normalization

msg from EricP


ACTION: EricP add a note that users should be aware of non-canonicalization of IRIs

ACTION: SteveH to review the relevant test case re: IRI normalization

Refining Optionals

Refining Optionals from AndyS

ACTION: PatH to review new optionals defintions, if any

solution modifiers & construct/describe

example from AndyS in reply to comments from KendallC

<kendall> That would help, I think, make the design more clear.

ACTION: AndyS to rework CONSTRUCT def'n

ACTION: AndyS to add new construct examples, with solution modifier(s), to spec

COUNT requirement?

souri: making sure folks are conciously not including COUNT(*)

<kendall> i could see the utility of COUNT, but i think we have to punt till 2.0 at this relatively late date

<kendall> Need something in the results format to serialize it, as well

<AndyS> Better design for ASK. Low cost for COUNT(*)

<DaveB> we'd be adding a new result format

<DaveB> that means new services, new xml formats

<SteveH> AndyS, COUNT can be considerably more expensive than ASK

<AndyS> Steve - ASK = SELECT EXIST in Souri's message

<SteveH> AndyS, yes

<DaveB> is EXIST a SQL keyword?

Souri: we could have the results of COUNT as a new return type ala ASK

Souri suggests a whole range of cardinality queries motivate this

<Yoshio> I share the need for COUNT, remember the need I mentioned of giving the user the chance to polish the query...

<ericP> AndyS: next step, GROUP BY, is expensive

<kendall> simple v. complex (arbitrary) aggregates, basically

<kendall> Souri suggests ASK is a kind of simple aggregate already

<ericP> Souri: COUNT covers EXISTS (ASK) but is slightly more expensive

<ericP> AndyS: are we ruling out or making later grouping functionality inconvenient

<kendall> Yeah, +1 to pat's question

<ericP> PatH: how?

<ericP> AndyS: probably an unfortunate syntax choice

<kendall> AndyS largely worried about syntax that might not be forward compatible

<kendall> COUNT * only for now; then add COUNT var ... GROUP BY ...

EricP wants to wait till we do aggregates generally.

<kendall> (I agreed with that till Souri argued that ASK is already a simple aggregate which COUNT * would also be...)

<kendall> Souri would be content w/ a deferral at this point

RESOLVED: to add a count/aggregate issue and postpone it, due to schedule considerations

SPARQL QL publication

Reviewing decision from last week:

PROPOSED: to publish rq23 (1.395) , addressing FILTER and 3 editorial changes, with KendallC & JosD reviewing these changes post 1.395, as a Last Call Working Draft

DanC trying to figure out what the LC vote meant ...how much editing is up to the editors

(1) optionals, andy/pat, (2) IRI non-normalization, ericp (3) ...

<DaveB> & pick a namespace name for xmlresults?

<DaveB> I pick http://www.w3.org/2005/06/sparqlResults

<kendall> Do the editor's intend the doc to [go to] LC w/ the red sections about consensus issues still in the doc?

TODO list for the spec:

strike "@@Ensure markup around examples enables XSLT extraction."

drop "@@Labeling when document is TOC-stable"

<scribe> done @@Matching is on a graph from a dataset.

"@@Prefix - sec 1.1 - See if there are any - consider rewriting if a just a few." -- strike.

RESOLVED: http://www.w3.org/2005/06/sparqlResults for results namespace name

ACTION: DanC to put a doc at the new results format namespace

RESOLVED: to publish SPARQL ql as last call, v1.406 + 9 changes, contingnent on review as follows

  1. optionals, andy/pat
  2. IRI non-normalization, ericp
  3. construct/limit andy/kc
  4. clarify which regex lang, new section ericp, andys
  5. defns extraction. ericp
  6. qname-dots grammar. AndyS, EricP
  7. results ns andys
  8. SOTD DanC, EricP
  9. production 20 grammar edit by andy


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