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Semantic Web for Health Care and Life Sciences Interest Group

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This list of HCLSIG products serves as an index for the community and attests to the productivity and impact of the group. Presentations are on their own page.

Summary of Deliverables

We would like to acknowledge the health care and life sciences community for meeting the goals of the 2008 charter and the 2011 charter. Over the course of the last charters, the IG has developed a set of data and demonstrators enabling life science and health care practitioners to consume and reason over domain data. While earlier instantiations of the HCLS IG focused on representation and interchange of life sciences data (biology, genetics, chemistry), the most recent work has included data quality as well as clinical care and clinical research:

  • The deployment of RDF in HL7 FHIR
  • The development of Shape Expressions and work with the Data Shapes WG to support schema validation
  • FDA Therapeutic Areas ontologies
  • non-proliferation of ontologies and interoperability with other standards and conventions

More follow in the sections below.


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