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The RDF developer community has been working on RDF Query for a while now... W3C even started a working group, DAWG, which has released a SPARQL query language spec and is talking about a SPARQL Protocol spec.

SparqlImplementations lists some implementations of the query language and protocol.

The following are some DAWG Shows, i.e. demo services you can play with, or events where SPARQL will be presented, that sort of thing.

Demo services and applications:

SELECT ?TY where { ?P a :[[SoftwarePlatform]]; :[[CcppAccept]] [ ?LI ?TY ] } 

Events for PathCross or ConnectingAudiences:

Stuff that seems straightforward to move to SPARQL:


see also: swbp apps/demos task force

EricP, is your algae-based stuff public yet?

Are there some demos from the lifesci workshop? Maybe they're mostly RDQL... any that are migrating to SPARQL?