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Reverse chronological order. See also Past meetups at


  • Panel Discussion: Venture Capital and Entrepreneurship Outlook for Semantic Web in 2013. Panelists:
    • Richard Dale -- Managing Director, Big Data Boston Ventures
    • David de Graaf -- CEO, Selventa
    • Anthony Philippakis -- Venture Partner, Google Ventures
    • David Steinberg -- PureTech Ventures


  • Richard Mallah, Cambridge Semantics: Leveraging Semantics for Text Mining and Text Analytics Slides
  • Stéphane Corlosquet, MIND Informatics, MGH: WebID module for Drupal


  • David Wood, Three Round Stones: Demos from "Linked Data" - An upcoming book for Web developers.


  • Martin Hepp: Good Relations ontology in
  • Kingsley Idehen: Data as a new kind of electricity conducted by hyperlinks slides


  • Ivan Herman, W3C: W3C Prov Ontology
  • Jochen Rau: The Web as Application Platform driven by Semantic Technologies


  • Sean Martin, Cambridge Semantics: A Semantic Web Startup's Experience
  • Ben Szekely, Cambridge Semantics: Anzo--Semantic Web Software for the Enterprise


  • Evren Sirin, Clark & Parsia: Stardog 1.0.
  • Tom Plasterer, AstraZeneca: The Path to Linked Data in BioPharma.





  • Christopher de Souza of Metaome: DistilBio
  • Jochen Rau: a Semantic CMS
  • Oliver Ruebenacker: Knowomics Bioinformatics Network (10 mins)


  • Kshitij Marwah (MIT), Gil Alterovitz (Harvard Medical School/MIT): Context-Specific Ontology Integration
  • Rouben Meschian, Cambridge Semantics: Databinding in Anzo


  • Stéphane Corlosquet: Drupal 7 and for a more structured Web
  • Oliver Ruebenacker: Turning biological knowledge into mathematical models, automated


  • Ted Slater, Consultant & OpenBEL Evangelist, Selventa: Update on OpenBEL & the BEL Framework
  • Dexter Pratt, Consultant: Systems Biology and Knowledge-Based Applications / CTO Segterra Inc.


  • Fuming Shih: "SaveFace", which crawls your facebook data and save them as RDF


  • Lee Feigenbaum, Co-founder of Cambridge Semantics: SPARQL - Semantic Web Query Language Tutorial


  • Lee Feigenbaum, Co-founder Cambridge Semantics: Overview of Semantic Web, by


  • Chris Bouton, Ph.D., Entagen: "TripleMap: Semantic Search & Associative Modeling for Big Data"


  • Antonio Linari: Semantic approach to Categorization by Partial Disambiguation (CPD)
  • Raul Rodriguez-Esteban, a Senior Scientist at Boehringer Ingelheim: using text analytics in pharma


  • Julian Ray, Ph.D., Selventa: "The Biological Expression Language BEL and the BEL Framework"


  • Oleg Shilovitsky: "Semantic approach in modeling CAD and Product Data"
  • Dr. Paolo Ciccarese: "Annotating online documents with DOMEO and Annotation Ontology"


  • William Hayes: Poolparty first impressions (SKOS-based thesaurus): how we are using at a bioPharma


  • Daniela Bourges-Waldegg, PhD, Harvard Medical School: eagle-i: a national network of biomedical research resources


  • Evren Sirin: Stardog, a commercial RDF database
  • Jie Bao: Expressive Query Answering For Semantic Wikis


  • Andy Seaborne of Epimorphics: The Linked Data API: Use of linked data by web-developers
  • Howard Burrows: SKOS, eScience, and work on using semantics to model discourse in healthcare and life sciences
  • Jochen Rau: Publishing Linked Data Content with TYPO3


  • David Booth: RDF data pipelines presentation


  • Dave Kolas: Semantic Web technologies developed at BBN
  • Kurt Rohloff, BBN: SHARD - A distributed triple-store built on top of Hadoop
  • Greg Milbank, Reveltix: Semantic Software Architecture: Using Semantic Technology to Build the Enterprise Information Web (EIW)


  • Ted Slater, Merck & Co., Conference Chair - C-SHALS 2011
  • Josh Shortlidge, President of InterEthos
  • Roland Benedetti, Nuxeo, VP Products


  • Dave Forgianni: Semantic MediaWiki+ and Semantic Forms for use in Gym Management


  • Chris Welty, IBM Research: Linked Data in Watson: Using Linked Data as Evidence for Natural Language Processing


  • Free flowing QA + Demo session covering Linked Data oriented topics such as:
  • 1. Linked Open Data v 2.0 (LOD2) Project -- how the EU is aiding Linked Data adoption
  • 2. Linked Open Data Cloud -- the story so far re. growth
  • 3. Linked Open Commerce Cloud -- how Linked Data aids smarter Commerce .


  • Mohan Bavirisetty, VP of BPM On Demand: Semantic BPM and SOA
  • Tom Morris: Freebase. Tom is the top external contributor to Freebase, having contributed more than 1.4 million facts.


  • Sandro Hawke: Summary & discussion of the recent RDF Next Steps Workshop
  • David Eddy: lessons learned from 30 years of metadata repositories


  • Kingsley Idehen: WebID + OpenID demos WebID + OpenID Presentation


  • Sandro Hawke: An Introduction to Linked Data


  • Hector Perez Urbina: PelletDb: Scalable, Expressive Semantic Reasoning for the Enterprise
  • Evren Sirin: Integrity constraint semantics for OWL: Using OWL as a data validation language for Linked Data
  • David Booth: Making Meaningful Use of Electronic Medical Records at Cleveland Clinic


  • Kingsley Idehen: Linked Data Open House Session. That will include discussions and demos covering:
  • 1. Basic Introduction to Linked Data
  • 2. Simple Demonstration of what Linked Data adds to the Web Experience (User Perspective)
  • 3. Discussing Real Problems solved via Linked Data
  • - Identity (via WebID using FOAF+SSL protocol)
  • - Precision Search & Find
  • - Strucutured Profiles
  • - Data Access & Integration (e.g. how it builds on SOA and fixes Data Integration Challenges)
  • 4. Business of Linked Data.


  • William A. Woods: What's in a Link, Revisited
  • Kate Geyer: Massachusetts Open Data Initiative
  • Michael Uschold: Business Model for the Semantic Web


  • Kevin Doyle: Teranode Fuel
  • Glenn Mcdonald, Needle: data-modeling/collection/exploration/publishing platform


  • Linked Data Product Development Lab. (No specified speaker)


  • Ragu Bharadwaj, MIT Sloan: Prediction Markets as a tool to increase information sharing in Pharma
  • Rajiv Salimarth, GIV Venture Partners: Semantic Web for knowledge discovery - specifically focused on Health and Life Sciences
  • Brooke Aker, Expert System: Theories of Human Comprehension & The Semantic Web


  • Dean Whitney: Semantic Web Awareness Initiative – Marketing
  • Chuck Rehberg: The SIRA Technology: Ontology + NLP + ? = Natural Language Understanding


  • Sir Tim Berners-Lee: Global Semantic Web Meetup sponsored by the International Semantic Web Conference 2009.


  • Sean O'Connor: Rating World Project & Linked Data Potential


  • David Eddy: A Brief Presentation on the History of Metadata Repositories
  • Oshani Seneviratne: Policy Aware Content Reuse
  • Lee Feigenbaum: SPARQL 2 - What's coming down the pipe?


  • Eric Neumann: Cytoscape using a SPARQL plugin demo'd
  • David Karger: Editable Exhibit and Wibbit (Semantic Wiki Exhibit) presented


  • Sandro Hawke: SemTech Highlights presented
  • David Kocis: Exhibit on top of Drupal presented


  • This will be the global meetup at Semantic Technology conference in San Jose.


  • Wayne Haubner (SAP): A Semantic Approach to Contract Management
  • Kenny Luck (CSAIL / MIT): Proof Examination in Tabulator
  • Eric Prud'hommeaux (W3C) and Fatih Turkmen (CSAIL / University of Trento): Expressing Security Policies in SPARQL Wayne Haubner (SAP)


  • Security e.g. FOAF+SSL
  • Data Access -- Publishing Linked Data URIs and Querying etc.
  • Real-world usecases demonstrating how use of Linked Data to shrink medium of value exchange
  • Anything else.


  • William Hayes: crowdsourcing to develop public Collaborative Thesaurus development plan
  • Sanjiva Nath, zAgile: Semantic Enterprise Wiki for software development and project management Live JIIRA Demo Instance


  • Stephane Corlosquet: SW in Drupal
  • Paolo Ciccarese: SWAN 1.2 ontology
  • Eric Neumann: C-SHALS Conference Review


  • Eric Neumann: 1. C-SHALS conference update
  • Paolo Ciccarese: SWAN 1.2 ontology
  • Corlosquet , DERI: RDF functionality in Drupal - Stephane "scor"


  • Elizabeth Wu: SWAN Alzheimer's Disease, Hypothesis Knowledgebase
  • Sudeshna Das and Ben Melancon: A Semantically aware Drupal distribution or Science Collaboration Framework (SCF) for building biomedical web communities
  • Kingsley Idehen: Linked Data in Action / State of affairs update


  • Tom Tague, Thompson Reuters: Calais 4.0 & The Burgeoning Linked Data Cloud


  • RdfXG: RDBMS to RDF Incubator Group Update -- Ashok Malhotra, Oracle
  • ericP: SPARQL Continuation at W3C
  • Sandro Hawke: Last Call - Working Draft OWL2
  • Kingsley Idehen: Deploying DBpedia & Neurocommons knowledgebases via Amazon's Elastic Cloud Computing (EC2) based Machine Images


  • Jim Hendler: Winners of the Semantic Web Challenge
  • Nigel Shadbolt: Web Science: a Semantic Web Perspective
  • Eric Neumann: Semantic Architecture for Biologics Research at Merck
  • Susie Stephens: Semantic Web Solutions at Lilly
  • Eric Prud'hommeaux: Introduction to W3C's Semantic Web for Health Care and Life Sciences Interest Group -
  • Stefan Decker: Message in a Bottle - Towards an appealing message what the Semantic Web is - a suggestion
  • Pat Hayes: Improving RDF


  • Christine Connors: Semantic Web Usage at Dow Jones & Company
  • David Provost: On The Cusp: A Global Review of the Semantic Web Industry
  • Michael Brodie: Review of ESTC and FIS2008; see also [1]; Media:CambridgeSemanticWebGatherings$$Meeting$$2008-10-14_Gathering$Evolving Semantic Web Mark Greaves (Vulcan) Oct08.pdf [2]


  • Cambridge Semantics
  • Aaron Swartz: -- government data and Linked Open Data
  • Christopher Matheus (Vistology) & Jakub Moskal (Northeastern): A comparison of the Jena, Jess, and BaseVISor rule engines


  • glenn mcdonald: Semantic Web Marketing
  • Kingsley Idehen: OpenLink Data Explorer extension for FireFox


  • Doug Burke: The Semantic Astronomer?
  • Gus Muench: World Wide Telescope


  • Neil Sarkar, Marine Biological Laboratory: Harnessing the Semantic Web for Managing Biodiversity Data
  • Arnon Rosenthal, MITRE: Contrasting typical SW and DB approaches to semantic integration
  • David Booth, HP: RDF as the Lingua Franca for Information Exchange: A small proof-of-concept in IT management


  • Ivan Herman: FOAF & RDFa
  • Oliver Ruebenacker: System Biology Pathway Exchange (SBPAX) - Gluing SBML-type Models to BioPAX-type Pathways
  • Kingsley Idehen: Linked Data Update (covering LODW, LOD Cloud, and UMBEL)


  • Maximilian Schich: Adding Art Research Data to the Giant Global Graph - a Proposal


  • Huajun Chen: Browser hosted Visual SQL-RDF Mapping & Linked Data Deployment
  • Eric Prud'hommeaux and Lee Feigenbaum: Overviews of RDF, and GRDDL


  • Andy Palmer: Vertica
  • Kingsley Idehen: DBpedia & Related Linked Data efforts
  • Mark Feblowitz: IBM - System S


  • Discussion Panel: The social barriers to data integration - good and bad, how to overcome or work with them
    • Melli Annamalai (Oracle)(TBD)
    • Michael Brodie (Verizon)
    • Marcus Collins (Novartis)
    • Noah Mendelsohn (IBM)
    • Elgar Pichler (AZ)


  • Discussion Panel: The social barriers to data integration - good and bad, how to overcome or work with them
    • Melli Annamalai (Oracle)
    • Michael Brodie (Verizon)
    • Marcus Collins (Novartis)
    • Noah Mendelsohn (IBM)
    • Elgar Pichler (AZ)


  • Laszlo Barabasi: Ubiquity of Networks
  • Ben Szekely: Nala: A Semantic Data Capture Extension for Mozilla Firefox


  • Alan Ruttenberg: Introduction to OWL 1.1
  • Chitro Neogy: Demo of rule based product for compliance
  • Susie Stephens: Next steps for Semantic Web Education and Outreach


  • Raj Bala: BigSwerve: The Social Semantic Web
  • David Provost: Observations from the business side of the Semantic Web
  • Tim Berners-Lee: Tabulator (RDF Browser) as a Firefox Extension Demo


  • Eric Neumann: Ruby, Maglev, and the Semantic Web
  • Max van Kleek, Ora Lassila, Nokia: ConnectingMe


  • Metatomix: demo of their software
  • Eric Prud'hommeaux: Demo of SPASQL
  • Nicolas Vandenberghe of ITerating: Demo


  • Prof. Benjamin Grosof, MIT Sloan: "SweetRules and Example Rule-based Business Policy Applications"
  • Kingsley Idehen: Linked Data variation of Microsoft's Astoria & Northwind Database Demo


  • HCLSIG demo preview
  • DavidHuynh: Exhibit / Potluck


  • Xavier Lopez: semantic technology in Oracle DB's


  • Tim Clark: SWAN demo
  • MikeDiLascio, Susie Stephens, SamirBatla: Semantic Web OTN
  • Huajun Chen: DartGrid


  • Michael Belanger: Fuzzy semantic search demo
  • Kingsley Idehen: Data Web Demo
  • Manuel Peitsch: UltraLink


  • Guus Schreiber: demo of his cultural heritage / museum stuff
  • Ben Adida: gave a demo of RDFA