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Chair: Lee Feigenbaum

Date: June 9, 2009 6pm

Venue: Star Conference Room, 4th floor, Stata Center, MIT; and the R&D pub.

Address: 32 Vassar Street. Cambridge, MA

Map Links: Google Map

We will meet up and see some demos in the 'Star' conference room, and after an hour or so retire to the pub on the same floor for even less formal discussion.

Demos / Presentations

  • Wayne Haubner (SAP), A Semantic Approach to Contract Management, a preview of Wayne's SemTech presentation about applying semantics for understanding the semantics of legal contracts
  • Kenny Luck (CSAIL / MIT), Proof Examination in Tabulator, Tabulator is a Firefox plug-in for rendering RDF data in tabular form. Tabulator now includes an interface for browsing proofs expressed in N3 using the Truth Maintenance System (TMS) schema. This talk will include a description of the current implementation, and describe the use cases and next steps.
  • Eric Prud'hommeaux (W3C) and Fatih Turkmen (CSAIL / University of Trento), Expressing Security Policies in SPARQL

Registration List

  • Kingsley Idehen
  • Valeska O'Leary
  • Lee Feigenbaum
  • Michael Brodie
  • Bob Powers
  • Mike Cleary
  • Steve Miles
  • Elgar Pichler
  • Suresh Damodaran

Additional Information (including RSVP) via Page