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Chairs: Kingsley Idehen

Date: December 11, 2007, 6pm

Venue: Star Conference Room, Dreyfoos tower, 4th floor, Stata Center, MIT; and the R&D pub.


Discussion Panel Topic

The social barriers to data integration - good and bad, how to overcome or work with them

  • Melli Annamalai (Oracle)
  • Michael Brodie (Verizon)
  • Marcus Collins (Novartis)
  • Noah Mendelsohn (IBM)
  • Elgar Pichler (AZ)


  • What are the social barriers to data integration at the individual and enterprise levels?
  • Is integration a data, application, or services level problem? And if all inclusive, then where should the divide be?
  • Why would anyone want to use a triple store rather than a relational data warehouse for data integration?
  • Is there a role for semantics with relational data warehouses?
  • When are standards justified in data integration?
  • Why will Semantic Data Web Technology succeed where traditional databases have failed, In relation to heterogeneous data federation?

Registration List

Standing regrets from Ralph Swick; "Since Sep'07 I have a conflict on the 2nd Tuesdays".

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