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Chairs: Tim Berners-Lee, Susie Stephens

Date: April 10, 2007

Venue: Star Conference Room, Dreyfoos tower, room 463, 4th floor, Stata Center, MIT; and the R&D pub.

Registration List:

  • Susie Stephens
  • Joshua Aresty
  • Kingsley Idehen
  • Melliyal Annamalai
  • Elizabeth Wu
  • Noah Mendelsohn
  • Marja-Riitta Koivunen,
  • Webster Mudge
  • David Booth, HP (tentative)
  • Frank Manola
  • Davide Zaccagnini
  • Paolo Ciccarese
  • Marco Ocana
  • Vipul Kashyap
  • Alan Ruttenberg
  • Ralph Swick
  • Huajun Chen
  • Wing Yung
  • Lee Feigenbaum
  • Elias Torres
  • Ben Szekely
  • Souripriya Das
  • June Kinoshita
  • Stephen Miles
  • Mackenzie Smith
  • Walter Perry
  • Elgar Pichler
  • SandroHawke
  • Alan Wu
  • Xavier Lopez
  • Steve Hagan
  • Souri Das

% notes from 4/10/07 W3C SWIG Cambridge Gathering % by Benjamin Grosof


Chair: Susie Stephens of Eli Lilly

main notetaker is Alan Ruttenberg of Science Commons:

auxiliary notetaker, especially for Demo 1: Benjamin Grosof of MIT Sloan, 


Disclaimer: not guaranteed to be complete or accurate, just a best effort

Demo 1: semantic technology in Oracle DB's

infer new relnsh's from RDF data using RDFS and ... user-defined rules RDF queries query RDF/OWL data and ontologies

simple case: use rulebase "RDFS"

planned directions/soon: - support OWL subsets: a goodly portion of OWL-DL - ontology-assisted query or enterprise data - also bulk load of data

scaling up to millions of triples, WITH inference in RDFS and bigger OWL subset

image archive live (sub-)demo (interMedia DICOM) medical anatomy domain


e.g., jaw, mandible, maxilla, T-11170, T-11180


Q: where do you get the class info for the relational data A: (it directly talks about it, thus) starting at load time, have ontol for

      a table 

A to Q: indexing is done at time of bulk load