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Huajun Chen

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I am majorly a semantic web guy, but with particular interest in HCLS. I got a bachelor degree in biochemical engineering in year 2000, and then changed to computer science to pursue a PhD degree. Currently, I serve as an associated professor at Zhejiang University. I started working on Semantic Web technology from 2001, and devoted most of my time to develop a toolkit called DartGrid which is intended to provide a bridge between relational databases and semantic web ontologies. Traditional medicine is one of the major applications of the toolkit, for which we developed an ontology-based system to mediate queries across distributed heterogeneous relational databases. The system also offers a semantic search interface and an ontology-based query form for information retrieval and SPARQL query formulation.

In this new charter, I am particularly interested in two things. One is to integrate traditional medicine such as herbal data resources into the knowledge base, and explore potential value of integrating two different medical systems. The other one is the utilization of the huge mass of semantic web data in terms of semantic web portal and data mining over the web of data.