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Chair: Kingsley Idehen

Date: May 12, 2009 6pm

Venue: Star Conference Room, 4th floor, Stata Center, MIT; and the R&D pub.

Address: 32 Vassar Street. Cambridge, MA

Map Links: Google Map

We will meet up and see some demos in the 'Star' conference room, and after an hour or so retire to the pub on the same floor for even less formal discussion.

Demos / Presentations

Linked Data Open House & Demo Fest.

Format: Open Discussion and Demonstration centered on Linked Data covering:

  • Security e.g. FOAF+SSL
  • Data Access -- Publishing Linked Data URIs and Querying etc.
  • Real-world usecases demonstrating how use of Linked Data to shrink medium of value exchange
  • Anything else.

Bring your notebooks, have your Tweet or IRCs on, and lets do some serious dog-fooding :-)

Registration List

Additional Information (including RSVP) via Page