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The W3C's Advisory Committee (AC) consists of an AC Representative (or AC Rep for short) from each member organization (and optionally an Alternate AC Rep).

Are you looking for information about the elected W3C Advisory Board? See:


If you are an AC representative, please regularly (weekly) check for questions/surveys you should answer:


The Advisory Committee uses the W3C IRC server for chat discussions:

  • #ac — minutes and discussion of AC meetings, AB Member Meetings
  • #ac-chat — informal side-discussions
  • #ac-help — for help of any kind related to W3C
  • AC members may join these channels on the web:,ac-chat,ac-help
    • An IRC password may be required during meetings, see meeting details for access information

There’s also an informal AC chat channel on the W3C Community Slack:

Email Lists


The Advisory Committee meets twice annually (either virtual or hybrid face-to-face), and at monthly AB Member Meetings.


You may follow or subscribe to the AC calendar in your Calendar application or service here:


Specific upcoming events with more details:

In General



Calls for AC Rep Input, Feedback and Action

  • Advisory Board Structure - an initiative to change the Advisory Board structure so that it is more inclusive than a narrow 9-person board.
  • Events Process - an initiative to improve W3C's events processes (such as Workshops, Meetups, and Conferences) by refining the Problem Statement, defining Use Cases and Requirements, Identifying High Priority issues, etc.
  • Dashboards - many AC reps would like the W3C Staff to create various dashboards to facilitate internal communication and information sharing. This initiative is focused on refining the Use Cases and Requirements, Identifying the High Priority UCs, etc.
  • 2014 Member Survey - this document is used to gather feedback, suggestions, etc. for a 2014 Member Survey.

See Also

  • AB — Advisory Board home page
  • AB’s open projects — lists of projects the W3C Advisory Board is working on