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This page is for listing and linking to public information about W3C Advisory Committee meetings, which are held twice a year, once in the spring, and once in the fall as part of TPAC.

Please feel free to add links to information about AC meetings like when/where, what topics were discussed, and summaries or notes, that can be publicly viewed (i.e. are already available at a public, citable URL).

For a member-only listing of past AC meetings, see:

Next Meeting

2024 TPAC

Past Meetings

2024 Spring

2024-04-08…09 Spring AC Meeting in Hiroshima (all below links are Member-only)

2023 TPAC

2023 Spring

2023-05-09…10 Spring AC Meeting in Sophia-Antipolis:

2022 TPAC

2022 AC meeting at TPAC

2022 Spring

(please add direct links for this meeting and previous, similar to above direct links, when finished adding links for this meeting, move this notice to the next previous meeting.)

2021 TPAC

2021 Spring

2020 TPAC

2020 Spring

2019 TPAC

2019 Spring

2018 TPAC

2018 Spring

Berlin, 2018-05-14…15

2017 TPAC

2017 Spring

2016 TPAC

15:00-18:00 Tuesday & Thursday of TPAC week per:

2016 Spring

EME protest beforehand:

EFF post beforehand:

The 2016 LibrePlanet event took place at MIT 2016-03-19…20 at around the same time as the 2016 Spring AC meeting:

Posts about (& photos of) 2016-03-20 protests:

W3C Blog post afterwards:

2015 TPAC

2015 Spring


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