Publishing Working Group Telco — Minutes

Date: 2020-08-24

See also the Agenda and the IRC Log


Present: Gregorio Pellegrino, Ivan Herman, Dave Cramer, Wendy Reid, Matt Garrish, Avneesh Singh, Garth Conboy, Ben Schroeter, Lars Wallin, Teenya Franklin, Bill Kasdorf, Tzviya Siegman, Brady Duga



Chair: Wendy Reid

Scribe(s): Dave Cramer


1. minutes

Wendy Reid:

Garth Conboy: good minutes

Wendy Reid: minutes approved

2. testing updates

Lars Wallin: We focused on getting all tests passing
… the entire suite of tests is now passing
… we wrote unit tests for the entire list
… we are 100% covered
… ivan, I’m supposed to submit these?
… a PR or something?

Ivan Herman: send me a JSON file or a PR
… it’s in the description
… it’s a simple set of JSON files

Lars Wallin: maybe I can process the test output
… I’ll take care of that tomorrow

Ivan Herman: woo

Wendy Reid: woo

Garth Conboy: our engineer has unit test frameworks
… we can do some tests with manifests, but not all of them

Ivan Herman: if you don’t mention test, it’s considered to not have run

Garth Conboy: the other comment was 49-55 are about links, we don’t implement
… 56 and 57 are not useful for us
… those are all the pub manifest tests
… I had a query on Friday on the JSON audio tests
… we will have the majority of results

Wendy Reid: it’s still a good update
… better than mine
… ivan and I spoke to coursesource this morning about impl
… they have a roadmap; don’t think they will get there this year
… but they are OK being listed as future implementer

Avneesh Singh: for meeting records, link to Obi production tool (reference implementation):

Avneesh Singh:

Wendy Reid: the implementation for Obi can’t be tested in the same way
… but I do need test results from them

Ivan Herman: if we forget Ivan and Matt’s implementations
… we do have for each feature two implementations, Is that correct?

Wendy Reid: yes

Ivan Herman: marisa and lars
… and 3 for most, because google
… what should be our deadline for starting PR process

Wendy Reid: we need four weeks for voting

Ivan Herman: we need another two weeks for process
… process to get PR should start first week of September

Tzviya Siegman: when does the charter end?

Ivan Herman: nov 1

Tzviya Siegman: we should start

Ivan Herman: we need to start early september, and we should tell Thorium that
… we can wait until 5 Sept or so
… two weeks monday we start the process

Wendy Reid: sept 7
… that’s the deadline

Ivan Herman: the deadline would be the friday before
… on monday we start the process
… should we keep the implementations of matt and myself in the list?
… they are not reading systems

Wendy Reid: you have the most experience with “the director”

Ivan Herman: we keep it in, and we can tell the director what they are

Wendy Reid: I’m OK

Matt Garrish: ok with me

Tzviya Siegman: I don’t think it hurts anything, so leave it for now

Ivan Herman: in the description of the implementation, we can make it clearer what they are

Matt Garrish: right, if we make it clear they were for testing the spec…
… that’s being honest

Ivan Herman: let’s do that

3. EPUB 3 WG

Wendy Reid: the new WG was chartered two weeks ago
… you can join now
… . please join
… first meeting on 11 September
… NA/Euro time
… then alternating with NA/Asia time
… details on WG home page

Ivan Herman: there are people in this group who are obligated to join ;)

Gregorio Pellegrino: I’m waiting for Cristina… that accepts my request :)

Wendy Reid:

Gregorio Pellegrino: Cristina is in Greece right now :)

Brady Duga: I think we are in process of joining the group, I will click the “add me” button soon

Dave Cramer: (not minuting full discussion of meeting times of a different working group)

Wendy Reid: AOB?
… thanks everyone, and so happy to see test results!