— Minutes

Date: 2020-07-27

See also the Agenda and the IRC Log


Present: Gregorio Pellegrino, Ivan Herman, Ben Schroeter, Wendy Reid, Garth Conboy, Marisa DeMeglio, Tzviya Siegman, Simon Collinson, Brady Duga, Dave Cramer, Matt Garrish

Regrets: Laurent Le Meur


Chair: Garth Conboy

Scribe(s): Wendy Reid


Garth Conboy: https://www.w3.org/publishing/groups/publ-wg/Meetings/Minutes/2020/2020-06-29-pwg

Garth Conboy: Minutes from last meeting
… any objections?
… 3 2 1 approved!
… a few testing updates

1. testing updates

Garth Conboy: Google Play books are rolling out the initial implementation of audiobooks to production this week
… it’s not perfect, but we can find everything, the only major issue is finding the reading order from the TOC instead of the manifest
… the sample audiobooks are all processable
… progress!
… for Ivan, is there a formal thing?

Ivan Herman: There is a series of tests you have to do locally
… all kinds of crazy manifests that do various things
… you should react accordingly to the tests
… you return a JSON file with the results

Garth Conboy: Offline, I will work with you on how to run these!
… we’re probably not looking for problems, only what we can support

Ivan Herman: Wendy or I will send the pointers

Wendy Reid: [wendy will]

Garth Conboy: We got an email from Laurent in regards to Thorium
… they have progress but not quite ready for testing yet, no embedded manifests, no time frame but progress
… any other updates?
… I would like to use this opportunity to say that now that we have implementations, we need real content
… we have heard from some publishers, but we need more!
… anyone with influence, please talk to them

Ivan Herman: I am just beginning to be worried, the charter expires Nov 1
… the voting period for proposed is now 4 weeks again (was previously 6 weeks)
… we should have the PR out for voting at the end of September
… taking into account administration
… we should be getting reading for the transition in the beginning of September
… we have 1 month to get implementations in
… with google we have 2
… but to get Thorium and Kobo would be even better

Garth Conboy: What about Ivan and Matt’s 2 implementations

Ivan Herman: They’re just experiments
… tempted to remove them, if I want to be self-critical
… they wouldn’t be acceptable

Garth Conboy: Extra credit

2. AOB

Matt Garrish: https://github.com/w3c/pub-manifest/issues/226

Matt Garrish: Into the AOB
… we have an open issue to close
… use a W3C URL redirect for our schemas
… we just need a vote
… we put a GH URL
… hopefully we all agree

Marisa DeMeglio: +1

Ivan Herman: +1

Wendy Reid: +1

Matt Garrish: +1

Gregorio Pellegrino: +1

Garth Conboy: +1

Simon Collinson: +1

Dave Cramer: +1 to w3c, -1 to github :)

Tzviya Siegman: Just wanted to mention, Matt, Romain, and I had a call with the ARIA WG
… we published DPUB ARIA a lifetime ago
… we’ll be doing a minor update to DPUB ARIA to deprecate some roles
… Matt is doing the editorial work, and we’ll be shifting DPUB ARIA to ARIA officially
… anything we’re changing was causing errors and now will not

Ivan Herman: The vote for the EPUB3 WG ends this Friday

Wendy Reid: .. we have 38 votes

Ivan Herman: out of the 38, one abstention, 1 with comments which have been addressed in a PR
… unless something nasty comes in this week, we are looking good

Garth Conboy: The comments were minor and easy to handle?

Ivan Herman: Yes

Garth Conboy: talk to everyone soon!