Publishing Working Group Telco — Minutes

Date: 2020-06-29

See also the Agenda and the IRC Log


Present: Ivan Herman, Dave Cramer, Wendy Reid, Avneesh Singh, Ric Wright, Brady Duga, Ben Schroeter, Marisa DeMeglio, Garth Conboy, Matt Garrish



Chair: Wendy Reid

Scribe(s): Garth Conboy


Wendy Reid: previous meeting’s minutes:

minutes: Silence: Approvfed.

1. testing. implementations

Wendy Reid: Test content added.
… All short.
… four new packaged; one unpackaged.
… Publishers implementations report coming soon (today).

Wendy Reid: garth: We’re ingesting LPF in the audiobook pipeline

Wendy Reid: … working on getting the TOCs ingested as well, and supplemental content

Wendy Reid: … progress has been made, but not complete

Wendy Reid: Reached out Laurent & Lars. Been making progress on completing tests
… Thorium does support LPF — it works.
… Other updates?

Avneesh Singh: Working on DAISY output tools (OBI).

Wendy Reid: Manifest is core.

Avneesh Singh: plus audio and TOC.
… How validate?

Marisa DeMeglio: Has processor, not really a validator.
… Can run output through Marisa’s tool, with catch some errors.

Wendy Reid: There is a need for a validator.

Marisa DeMeglio: Is there a good JSON-LD library for validation?

Ivan Herman: Yes there is. Ivan’s tool is doing JSON testing directly. Could be packaged to be more user friendly.
… Converts JSON to internal structure and tries to catch errors along the way.
… Also does TOC testing.
… If folks can use it, it’s there.

Dave Cramer: Took time &money for Epubcheck to get where it is for eBooks… so validation is non non-trivial.
… Maybe add audiobook support to epubcheck?
… Be great for adoption.

Avneesh Singh: Epubcheck work is set through this year; could be good for next year.
… Could be easy-ish.

Ivan Herman: Audiobooks are simpler so could be a a good path to validation.
… Check JSON/Manifest.
… Need also to check audio files, and various pointers.

Avneesh Singh: Even EPUBCheck does not go into details of audio files and timings, at this stage.

Avneesh Singh: But better media overlays support in EPUBCheck will come.

Wendy Reid: Checking files types would be within reason (against Manifest).
… can continue to explore.

Marisa DeMeglio: Submitted PR with test results.
… “worlds best audiobook player” (repository name) :-)

Wendy Reid: Happy 4th (for Americans)… and Canada Day too!