Publishing Working Group Telco — Minutes

Date: 2020-06-08

See also the Agenda and the IRC Log


Present: George Kerscher, Wendy Reid, Dave Cramer, Marisa DeMeglio, Tzviya Siegman, Brady Duga, Avneesh Singh, Ben Schroeter, Garth Conboy, Juan Corona, Ivan Herman, Gregorio Pellegrino

Regrets: Laurent Le Meur, Matt Garrish, Teenya Franklin

Guests: Adaret

Chair: Wendy Reid

Scribe(s): Dave Cramer


1. approving minutes

Wendy Reid:

Wendy Reid: minutes approved

2. updates to testing and progress

Wendy Reid: I will give a kobo update
… but I don’t have an update
… it’s on their roadmap, but has been delayed
… it should happen this summer

Garth Conboy: I have a question

Dave Cramer: (unminuted discussion of Zoom)

Garth Conboy: we have started implementation for ingest of audiobook format
… I don’t have an ETA for completion
… but it’s a start :)
… the question I have is
… in the samples, there are five samples, one of which is LPF packaged
… are there other packaged LPFs available?
… it would be helpful to implementers to have access to more

Wendy Reid: I don’t have more
… I could make more
… readium might have a converter
… otherwise, Lerner might have some content for us
… tricky for LPF–they are too big to store on github

Marisa DeMeglio: one comment about the LPF there now
… I pushed a lot of changes to the repo, but did not update the LPF
… so the unpackaged one is updated but not the packaged one

Wendy Reid: I can update that one
… I was having a tool problem
… I thought I was making LPFs properly but then Daniel told me I was doing it wrong
… I was renaming zip; there was a folder…

Marisa DeMeglio: is LPF just zip with different extension?
… or like EPUB where mimetype has to be uncompressed?

Wendy Reid: if anyone is good with command-line zip we could use help

George Kerscher: are we considering a validator?
… it concerns me when Marisa doesn’t know if something is valid

Wendy Reid: we don’t have a validator
… that’s the biggest challenge we have

Marisa DeMeglio: I wrote a library that processes the manifests
… you can use it to see where it throws validation errors
… but it is absolutely not a validator
… it is caveat-ful

Tzviya Siegman: if we’re considering a validator, it’s not something that’s in the charter of the WG
… we have to figure out who would be working on it

Wendy Reid: it could be in the maintenance working group (?)
… any other updates about testing?

Marisa DeMeglio: I submitted results to pub manifest tests and audio manifest tests
… I thought about taking the ebookcraft demo and running the UA behaviour tests aginsst that,
… would it be useful?

Wendy Reid: yes

Marisa DeMeglio: I can do that probably this week

Wendy Reid: the only other changes … we have to make some small changes to the pub test repository
… in talking to some publishers we want to include a section about content creation rather than content processing
… the implementations are both valid but different

Garth Conboy: marisa, did I hear that there are updates to the disassembled LPF samples that we should incorporate in LPF version?

Marisa DeMeglio: yes

Marisa DeMeglio: Example of manifest validation errors:

Wendy Reid: any other business?

3. Miac chit-chat

Garth Conboy: Ivan went to the publishing summit to hear about blockchain

Ivan Herman: I prefer to use the term “ledger” :)
… the company works on a distributed ledger that has content and metadata
… there was another thing mentioned
… that was presented last year
… generating unique identifiers for digital artifacts

Ivan Herman: which could be useful
… there was nothing revolutionary, Garth

Tzviya Siegman:

Garth Conboy: thanks

Tzviya Siegman: the ISCC stuff is interesting; I’m supposed to be on the committee in ISO
… we could use tech people in ISO
… there is also nobody from trade publishing

Ivan Herman: there are some technical statements
… last year I remember hearing that they claim, if you have a digital artifact, if you make some same changes, they realize it’s a same artifact
… I don’t know how they do that

Brady Duga: for the creation of LPF, is the issue you’re compressing the audio files?

Wendy Reid: the issue is I get a folder at the top level, which is annoying

Garth Conboy: I have this command line thing for EPUB
… I’ll play with it to optimize it for LPF, and send it out

Wendy Reid: I’m using jiminy’s tool, but it does a lot more steps

Marisa DeMeglio: try this? cd folder; zip -r ../ * && mv ../ ../zipped_dir.lpf

Ivan Herman: I wasn’t here when the discussion happened
… there is this archival tool on mac called Unarchiver but it installs command-line tools as well

Ivan Herman: e.g., it can list the contents of an archive
… and archive and unarchive

Wendy Reid: I’ll try all of this today
… DPUB summit is going on; you can watch the talks online
… on Friday at noon EST, two people from NNELS, Farah and Danny, are presenting about audiobooks
… I think this is the first public talk about audiobooks not by me :)

Ivan Herman: The presentation Wendy was talking about:

Charles LaPierre: this week there is the diagram code sprint for a11y
… on wednesday ww norton is working on extended image descriptions and a technique for putting them in epubs

Charles LaPierre: and working with DAISY on this
… it’s a progressive enhancement, and he’s trying to create an NPM library
… and we could add this to reading systems
… and have it added dynamically to older epubs
… contact me for more info

Wendy Reid: that’s very exciting
… take care, everyone

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