Publishing Working Group

Publication status and milestones of the Working Group documents

Latest versions of documents

Document Latest official release Editors’ Draft Repository
Web Publications wd ed wpub
Web Annotation Extensions for Web Publications wd ed publ-loc
Packaged Web Publications wd ed pwpub
DPUB ARIA 2.0 (none yet) (ed)† dpub-aria-2.0
EPUB4 (none yet) (ed)† epub4
Web Publications Use Cases and Requirements‡ note ed dpub-pwp-ucr/

†Only skeleton for now.
‡Not a recommendation-track document

The Editors’ drafts are managed in GitHub repositories; the list of those repositories is available on the GitHub index page.

Major planned milestones

The milestones have been updated, compared to the charter, on the 28th of June, 2018.

Milestones shown on a horizontal timeline