Publishing Working Group Telco — Minutes

Date: 2019-09-30

See also the Agenda and the IRC Log


Present: Ric Wright, Franco Alvarado, Ivan Herman, Wendy Reid, Gregorio Pellegrino, Nellie McKesson, Charles LaPierre, Ben Schroeter, Marisa DeMeglio, Romain Deltour, Avneesh Singh, Bill Kasdorf, Garth Conboy, Brady Duga, Matt Garrish, Wendy Reid

Regrets: Luc Audrain, Rachel Comerford, Dave Cramer, George Kerscher, Teenya Franklin, Geoff Jukes, Laurent Le Meur


Chair: Wendy Reid

Scribe(s): Charles LaPierre, Wendy Reid


Wendy Reid: Minutes from 3 weeks ago
… minutes approved.

Resolution #1: Minutes from 3 weeks ago approved

Wendy Reid: See TPAC F2F first day minutes

Wendy Reid: See TPAC F2F second day minutes

Charles LaPierre: TPAC minutes (2 days)

Wendy Reid: Benjamin created them
… approved

Resolution #2: TPAC meeting minutes approved

1. TPAC overview, including testing discussions at TPAC

Wendy Reid: 2 days of meeting, goal to get a plan for testing / implementation
… talked about Da-Future!
… talked about DPUB-ARIA
… talked to the MathML folks about native mathML in chrome
… talked to the PING folks on Privacy/Security all in the minutes
… publication manifest 2 phase approach web platform tests to test all the must/should in audio books and publication manifest based on schema 1 part, and will get updates in a min.
… not in audio book spec yet but we will need to write some manual tests for user agent implementations
… like what happens when non-audio appears in the reading order.
… if you are interested in writing tests or to implement the manifest formats on production side please let us know.
… Benjamin can you give an update?
… Two major things coming out of TPAC, Web Annotations looked at all must/should created schema tests which we could do as well, but maybe we could just do 1 large test instead of a lot of small tests. There were some issues before on implementing this but maybe that has been resolved. waiting for an update.
… looking for some tool to to pull out MUSTs/SHOULDs that respec might be able to do.

Ivan Herman: I am not sure there is a Pull request that is outstanding that may need to be reviewed.
… we don’t want to wait on each other.

Wendy Reid: adding to the agenda, we want to look at the issues to see what we can close. Checklist for CR need to have # of issues closed.

Ivan Herman: interesting thing at TPAC Thur/Fri and some breakout groups. Old issue on base direction, now JSON-LD new spec will include features that were missing so far.

Ivan Herman: See Issue #75: writeup of the direction related issue and changes

Ivan Herman: facility in JSON-LD for base direction similar to language, we can modify our pub manifest, changes that are necessary
… I will prepare a pull request with detailed changes and then we can discuss it later. look at the issue I put in IRC
… questions?

Wendy Reid: this could solve most of the I18N folks were asking for.

2. CR Checklist

Ivan Herman: created a wiki page

Ivan Herman: See Wiki page for the CR checklist

Ivan Herman: pattern used to submit a CR req. shows what we need to complete.
… some admin stuff but we need to look at charter req. we need to answer.
… we will need to come up with a response to that. wide review to HR which we will need to add for APA & PING review and we are done and we are fine, and Brady did PING but we will need to have all pointers to the wiki page.

Avneesh Singh: We had a discussion with APA meeting and they will do a voting on the mailing list, and Janina said they will do this by the end of September and I sent a reminder today.

Wendy Reid: for PING we didn’t get formal approval but this was more about an initial discussion

Ivan Herman: but answers/references need to go to the wiki
… wiki page added URLs which are searches into the open issues, / postponed and list for all the closed issues.
… beyond audio profile and pub manifest I added the web publication issues as well.
… we will have to close all the issues, so far no formal objectives and implementation part which we will talk about and document what we intend to do and how we will report and what implementations we plan to have.
… we don’t have to have the full test suite before we ask for transition but more we have the better.
… look at wiki for things to add to it. Careful about: once CR has been published the document itself can not change in terms of technical content, editorial changes are fine.
… if we do a technical change in CR then we will have to go through the same process described here again.
… if you have a technical issue that you want solved in CR then speak up now or so hold your peace!

Wendy Reid: Called for Closing at TPAC unless someone has an objection.
… most of the remaining issues seem to be editorial

Charles LaPierre: Just a question for the testing and writing tests for MUSTs and SHOULDs, in the past I know that Tzviya would go with the other chairs and draw up a spreadsheet of who would do what

Wendy Reid: I have my own spreadsheet who is responsible for what but that is a good idea.

Avneesh Singh: Issue #13 , I suggested some improvements but it looks that I do not have rights to reopen it.

Ivan Herman: Vocabularies in the past was to prove that terms in the vocabulary are useful either used or publishers may plan to use it for audio books or others. Is this the kind of test for the dpub manifest, some of them may be used in the audio manifest.
… feedback from publisher that they would need this term for their publications. Many of the terms are coming from so those I am not sure they are normative in our case.
… with manifest is processing into an internal data structure, but maybe we want test to the implementations.

Matt Garrish: normative/non normative values EPUB- Manifest mapping would be useful?

Ivan Herman: that would be useful. indirectly that terms the community uses.

Matt Garrish: that isn’t hard to do, but just needs to be done.

Ivan Herman: good idea!

Wendy Reid: interesting Test how well we conform to EPUB.
… any other questions about CR or the tests?

Charles LaPierre: <silence>

Wendy Reid: Ok, I will create a spreadsheet with general roles of people, I will create once I get an idea from Benjamin / Laurent how to structure the tests single vs. multiple.

Gregorio Pellegrino: I can help Matt with the EPUB

Ivan Herman: should have formal procedures tests accepted by everyone, reviewed by the WG.
… light weight procedure submit PR so interested folks can review before merge.

Wendy Reid: that works for me.
… test folders in each of the pub manifest / audio manifest directories. Everyone can submit PRs or comment on them.
… I will work on this this week, and will get in touch with folks on their various jobs.
… any other business questions? TPAC?

3. AOB

Avneesh Singh: regarding I don’t think any comment on Issue 13 was closed issue I don’t have the rights.
… alternate HTML … sync media

Ivan Herman: when I read the minutes demos from Marisa which is great, has their been discussions refer to /combined with audio book spec or the other spec. wouldn’t be normative but we should refer to it, it wasn’t clear from the minutes.
… published as a separate note, keep it related to audio books but could be applied to anything pub manifest text/audio linked via json

Marisa DeMeglio: standalone note to any HTML document, let me know what works for you to refer to it.

Ivan Herman: a WG Note? or a report of the Task Force.
… if its a stand alone doc. then CG Note.
… You are a CG right?

Marisa DeMeglio: Yes CG.

Ivan Herman: so a CG can create a CG Report and is what should it be.

Avneesh Singh: Yes we discussed this a year ago and decided this would be a CG Report.

Wendy Reid: yes this will be a Non-Normative reference to that

4. Resolutions