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Introduction – Nicolaas Bijvoet

Hi there all,

Just as a introduction my name is Nicolaas Bijvoet and I’m from Belgium. I, with my collegue Jill VandenDriessche, teach as a lecturer at a University College. We also co-founded, a digital thinking-tank.

Prior to lecturing we’ve been in the industry for the good part of a decade. Now as lecturers, we help students on their way in designing for the digital age.

My expertise lies with designing cross channel experiences – concept, interaction design, prototyping and … well … design. I’m no developer, but I have a strong intrest in coding. I know my way aroud html, css, js Jill on the other hand is the master developer, with a very strong knowledge of html/css/js/php/java but keeps an eye open for good ux.

Besides teaching we are involved in several research projects exploring possibilities in the ‘mobile’ sphere as wel as the so-called ‘internet of things’ sphere.

We are looking forward to contributing, discussing and finding new and engaging ways to guide youngsters their way in this whole digital age.


2 Responses to Introduction – Nicolaas Bijvoet

  • Nice to meet you, Nicolaas. It’s always great to meet like-minded people. Could you elaborate on what exactly possibilities in the ‘mobile’ sphere you’re exploring? I’m most definitely interested in the topic as well. Thanks.


  • Hi Nicolaas. I’d like to learn about that as well. I and my colleagues used to work on a similar project but then we stopped. We consider renewing our activities. It would be nice to get together on Skype or something and discuss it.


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