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Contributing to the Web Education Community Group

The signup process to get access to the community groups is a little convoluted at present, so we decided to provide a step by step guide to minimise frustration and get you through the process as quickly as possible.

  1. Sign up for a W3C public account. You’ll need this to perform a number of actions such as signing up to community groups and editing W3C Wikis. It won’t allow you to do everything on the W3C properties, but it will be sufficient for community group activities. The steps here are as follows:
    • Go to the Public Account Request Form page. This step is quite easy: you just enter a first name (Given name), last name (Family name), and contact e-mail address, then submit the form with the “Create account” button.
    • You may be required to state your company affiliation – if it is not in the list of companies you can choose from, then you’ll have to specify a new company and give some details like size of organization. This is only required to allow the W3C to make checks on intellectual property rights for any information you may submit. You will not be required to pay anything or provide anything else to be able to sign up and take part in the community groups!
    • The next screen asks you for a confirmation number – you should be sent this at the e-mail address you supplied in the previous step. You need to use it within seven days.
    • You will now have to wait for the W3C to processed your application. Once this is done, you’ll get an e-mail to give you your user name and password. Please change your password at the earliest convenience, using the link supplied in the e-mail.
    • Go to the Web Education Community Group homepage and log in using your public account (see the relevant link in at the top).
  2. Click the “Join this Group” button to join the group.
  3. You may also need to log in again to edit the Wikis. If in doubt, make sure you are logged in before doing any work.
  4. If you know of anyone who is having trouble with this procedure, please get in touch, via the mailing lists, IRC, or by posting a comment on this post.

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