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Participants in the User Identity on the Web Community Group


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  • Serge K. Keller


  • No Photo

    Rene Bartsch

  • No Photo

    Blaine Cook

  • No Photo

    Brandt Dainow

    Individual CLA commitment but affiliated with National University of Ireland, Maynooth

  • Pavlik elf

  • No Photo

    Rajat Garg


  • Daniel Gayo Avello

    Universidad de Oviedo

  • No Photo

    michael holt

    Individual CLA commitment but affiliated with, LLC

  • Carlos Iglesias

  • No Photo

    Timofey Marinin

  • Bruno Oliveira

    Red Hat

  • Nikola Petrović

    Morena engineering

  • No Photo

    Miguel Rochefort

  • carlo romagnoli

  • No Photo

    zeno ruset

  • Markus Sabadello

  • No Photo

    Greg Schumacher

    Sprint Nextel

  • Dan Simmons


  • barberot vincent


  • Barnaby Walters