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VIVO response to JISC name identifier questionnaire

The UK’s Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) has commissioned a questionnaire looking at the way other countries are building name identifier systems relating to researchers in higher education. The VIVO response to the questionnaire has been posted on the VIVO public wiki.

Questions include:

  1. What was the motivation for developing the identifier system?
  2. Which organisation(s) is (are) responsible for the identifier
  3. What is the scope of your identifier system, in terms of the type of people it covers?
  4. How is your system populated with data?
  5. Who is authorised to make changes to the information in the system?
  6. How are identifiers assigned?
  7. What form does the identifier take?
  8. What information is maintained in the system? Are any standard metadata schemes supported?
  9. With which other systems (if any) does your identifier system interact?
  10. Is the information in the system made available to other services?
  11. Is there a licence on the data? If so, what is the licence?
  12. If yes, how is this achieved (what interfaces/protocols are used) and is the system free to access?
  13. How is the system funded?
  14. Is the system still under active development? If so, what are your priorities for future enhancements?
  15. Do you have any plans for integrating your system with external initiatives/services such as ORCID, ISNI, Mendeley, Zotero,

We look forward to seeing the report when the study is concluded.

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