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The Sustainable Web is a framework for integrating various aspects of web design and development to increase the long-term sustainability of the web itself. The goal of the group is to develop a framework for the web, apps, and online games similar to sustainability frameworks in other design professions, e.g. Architecture.

While improving efficiency at the hardware level (e.g. “green” server farms) is important, the group takes the position that Design is the Problem. Re-thinking Design is the only way to create a web that is more efficient, has a smaller carbon footprint, and increases access and inclusion.

Read more about Design as the Problem in Nate Shredoff’s great book on the topic:

Nathan Shedroff’s “Design is the Problem”:

For some specific frameworks that might contribute to web sustainability, see the frameworks page

Sustainable Web Design includes integration of many areas of design and development into an overarching framework maximizing energy efficiency, lowering environmental impact, and raising inclusiveness.

  • Visual Design/Art Direction – graphic design promoting sustainable choices without itself being bloatware
  • User Experience – designing customer journeys that promote sustainable behavior
  • Front and back-end Development – Sustainable code practices, efficient code, design patterns
  • IT and Hardware – green server farms and networks
  • SEO – Curate the digital ecosystem of sites for honest and efficient findability
  • WPO – Improve the load time and carbon footprint of websites
  • Analytics – use real data to improve user experience and site efficiency

Some References

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