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Sustainability Recommendations Interest/Working Group

A few members of this group recently met with W3C to discuss creating sustainable web design recommendations, perhaps similar to the WAI‘s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) or perhaps something new entirely. For many of us who have worked in web/digital sustainability for some time, this seems like a natural next step.

Primary Take-Aways

Here are the main take-aways we pulled from the W3C conversation:

  • Sustainability is already included as part of W3C TAG group. There is potential overlap with other groups as well, which might mean more possible collaborators. 
  • Standards and recommendations are two different things (WCAG is the latter, we might want to start there).
  • Community groups are great to get as many people involved in discussing a topic, shared ideas, etc. as possible (That’s what this group is).
  • Interest groups bring together people who wish to evaluate potential Web technologies and policies. An Interest Group is a forum for the exchange of ideas.
  • Working groups typically produce deliverables (e.g., Recommendation Track technical reports, software, test suites, and reviews of the deliverables of other groups) as defined in their charter.
  • Working or interest groups have charters they must follow and a set of requirements. You can read charter requirements here.

If you’re interested in being a part of this, please add your name in a comment below. Thanks very much!

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