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Silver Research Projects

The W3C WCAG Working Group’s Silver Task Force is seeking partners to assist with the research and analysis activities included in the Silver Design Plan. There will be a variety of levels of time commitments, depending on your interest. There is currently no funding available (that we know of) for this research.

The research studies will vary in objective, nature, and time required. We anticipate that some studies could potentially be used as the basis for undergraduate or graduate student projects, or for side projects that researchers can take on.

Our partnership would bring the following benefits to you and your students:

  • Directions for small-to-large research projects that can be added to the curriculum
  • Projects that have real-world applicability and impact
  • Potential for publication of new perspectives and insights

Beginning in January 2017 we will be designing research studies, and we will perform research and analyze research results throughout 2017 (see the Timeline for a high-level schedule of activities).

We could really use your help in designing the research studies. We want to make sure the studies are valid, and are optimally designed to answer the right research questions. We would also welcome your involvement in carrying out the research and analyzing the results.

Much of the material was developed in other parts of the W3C web site and can be located using the links below.

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