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What’s next #semtechdoc?

The group has been created, people are starting to join.

I have requested the following tools for the group, that shall facilitate our work:

  • Wiki
  • Issue Tracker
  • Mercurial Repository

I am preparing a Charter proposal that I will publish in the group’s wiki as soon as it is available. Everybody is invited to comment, edit and complement the charter. The charter shall clearly state the goal of this group. Therefore, I encourage everybody to state his/her personal expectations for this group. Feel free to leave a comment below this post or use one of our mailing lists (,,

Here are some of my ideas for initial work and the charter:

  1. Define Use Cases for Technical Documentation in the Semantic Web
  2. Review existing Standards for Technical Documentation
  3. Develop an Ontology Specification for a general purpose representation for Technical Documentation in the Semantic Web
  4. Collect tools that support authoring, publishing and accessing Technical Documentation in the Semantic Web
  5. Define Test Cases / Competency Questions for the Use Cases

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