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ROSC Community Group Charter

Research Object for Scholarly Communication (ROSC) Community Group Charter


The primary goal of the Community Group is to provide a platform for scholars, librarians, publishers, archivists and policy makers to exchange requirements and expectations for supporting a new form of scholarly communication, i.e. making the actual research assets available as first-class objects to enable better reuse and reproduce of research results and knowledge. These research assets, including data used and generated in an investigation, methods used for producing the data, as well as people and organisations involved in the study, are what we call Research Objects.

It is within the scope of the Community Group to articulate these requirements, gather use cases, survey related work, and analyse and propose various best practices and guidance towards establishing community-wide practice of facilitating the publishing and sharing of the so-called research objects. This Community Group does NOT intend to produce a new specification to achieve the above goals, but may collaborate on forming requirements for other related specifications and vocabularies produced within or outside W3C groups.


The Community Group aims to produce the following types of deliverables:

  1. Use cases for the representation, publishing, and exchange of research objects on the Web
  2. Requirements and desiderata distilled from the use cases for the above purposes
  3. Survey of related work on supporting the representation, publishing, and exchange of research objects.
  4. Various best practices and guidelines towards a community-wide practice of sharing, citing, and exchanging of research objects


The Community Group is open to all, see


This group primarily conducts its work on the public mailing list and the group wiki page.

Information about the group (deliverables, participants, face-to-face meetings, teleconferences, etc.) is available from the group home page:

Decision policy

As explained in the Process Document ( section 3.3), this group will seek to make decisions when there is consensus. When the Chair puts a question and observes dissent, after due consideration of different opinions, the Chair should record a decision (possibly after a formal vote) and any objections, and move on.

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