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Participants in the RDF Test Suite Curation Community Group


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  • Gregg Kellogg's profile picture

    Gregg Kellogg


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    Khalil Ahmed

    Networked Planet Limited

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    james anderson

    Datagraph GmbH

  • Thomas Bergwinkl's profile picture

    Thomas Bergwinkl

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    Dan Brickley

    Google LLC

  • Gavin Carothers's profile picture

    Gavin Carothers

    Lex Machina

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    Melvin Carvalho

  • Pierre-Antoine Champin's profile picture

    Pierre-Antoine Champin


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    Pavlik elf

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    Esko Nuutila

    Aalto University

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    Konstantin Petrov


  • Michael Petychakis's profile picture

    Michael Petychakis

    National Technical University of Athens

  • Eric Prud'hommeaux's profile picture

    Eric Prud'hommeaux


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    Karima Rafes

    Institut National de Recherche en Informatique et en Automatique (INRIA)

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    Karima Rafes


  • Mikko Rinne's profile picture

    Mikko Rinne

    Aalto University

  • Andy Seaborne's profile picture

    Andy Seaborne

    Apache Software Foundation

  • Ruben Taelman's profile picture

    Ruben Taelman

    Imec vzw

  • Ted Thibodeau's profile picture

    Ted Thibodeau

    OpenLink Software Inc.

  • Ruben Verborgh's profile picture

    Ruben Verborgh

    Imec vzw

  • Gregory Williams's profile picture

    Gregory Williams

    J. Paul Getty Trust